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Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 10,000 - Click to enlarge
Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 10,000
Item #Edge Pro 10,000
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Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 10,000.In this video I review the Nubatama Bamboo series 10,000 grit waterstone, currently the finest stone in either the plum (Ume) or bamboo series.

The 10000 grit Bamboo and the smaller 1000 grit Ume stones are the two stones labelled using Kanji Characters rather than numbers.

The 10000 grit stone is quite dense and a splash and go stone, absorbing water quite slowly. The mud is very fine almost all swarf

The knives used are a black steel Nubatama petty. These are capable of both taking an edge very quickly and retaining an edge for a long time.

This stone is a great stone to use on high performance edges for touchups.

Next I use a Richmond Remedy, with an absolutely georgeous - and comfortable - custom handle made by Adam Marr. http://www.marrknives.com/ The handle even makes sharpening more of a pleasure!

This stone makes a good edge even better with little effort. It is a hard, precise stone,producing aeasily removed black swarf with negligible stone content in the mud, suitable for knives, razors and woodworker's chisels.

I demonstrate pivoting from your ankles to produce extreme body movement control for as precise an edge as you can produce freehand, beginning to approach the precision of high quality Precise Sharpening devices like the EdgePro, Gizmo and Wicked Edge sharpeners.

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Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 10,000

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