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Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 4000 - Click to enlarge
Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 4000
Item #Edge Pro 4000
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Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 4000.In the video I review the Nubatama 4000 grit stone in the Bamboo series. There is also another 4000 grit stone in the Ume or plum series of stones that I will review later.

The knives I use in this review are the Blazen 270 mm sujihiki, a powdered steel knife and a white #2 steel Nubatama deba that was rejected by the knifemaker as not meeting his extremely high standards (grind error at the tip on the back). It is an otherwise well constructed knife, but without Kanji or a handle. I'm using it as a practice knife for sharpening demos.

The stone is fast cutting. Immediately after use, metal swarf appears indicating this. The stone is only moderately porous and after just an initial spraying with no presoak it is ready to go. It generates a smooth consistent mud and works very well with both knives, which are very different, indicating the wide versatility that this stone is capable of handling. An extremely pleasant stone to use.

I selected the deba as this level of finish is perfect for use for a deba as a final finish. I also demonstrate putting a slightly less acute angle near the heel of the knife than the tip, employing a tiny variable angle microbevel.

Also demonstrate a means of examining the mud to spot loose hairs, pieces of burr etc that affect the edge quality and interfere with the feedback sensation when using a stone.

Also demonstrate both sectional and sweep strokes with a stone.

Demonstrate a toothy coarser edge vs a more polished edge and it's cutting characteristics on rolled up paper towel vs slice and push cutting of notebook paper.

Another Nubatama beauty!!

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Nubatama Bamboo For Edge Pro 4000

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