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Nubatama Bamboo 1000 Small Size - Click to enlarge
Nubatama Bamboo 1000 Small Size
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In this video I demonstrate a Nubatama narrow 1000 grit stone. It is now classified as a member of the Nubatama bamboo series. It is a 205x50x25 mm stone. Useful for making stones for the EdgePro, it will also be useful for recurved edges because of its small size and useful to include in a knife roll for its portability compared to full sized bench stones.

I use a Jackfruit cleaver in this video for the first knife to be sharpened. I purchased this in a cleaver shop in Hong Kong near the CCK shop. A rather extreme shape, it is a recurved edge that comes to a point going straight down at the widest part of the spine - the end of the spine above the tip. Useful for coconuts and ripping into tough skinned fruits like Jackfruit and Durian. Works like a talon for ripping into things.

The stone's narrow width helps follow the recurve pretty well, better than a typical width stone. I also demonstrate and discuss how to use the edge of the stone for tight radius recurves as well as serrated edges. I demonstrate how the tip cuts by 'stabbing' a piece of paper.

Next I use a Tojiro honesuki - a chicken knife used for dissecting chickens. Ground at a coarse edge angle, with the tip used for dissecting breasts off of the rib cage.

The stone soaks relatively quickly, dishes or wears slowly and produces a nice edge in a short amount of time. I demonstrate burr removal using a stone and how to sharpen the back side of the knife without scratching the blade up. Slice cuts well. Push cutting is adequate, primarily because this is a thick knife for its size.

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Nubatama Bamboo 1000 Small Size

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