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Nubatama 1K Bamboo Stone White - Click to enlarge
Nubatama 1K Bamboo Stone White
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In this video, I demonstrate the 1000 Grit Nubatama Bamboo waterstone using two knives. The first one is a carbon steel Misono Hankotsu, a short heavy knife used mostly for butchery work on larger animals. It is also a regional variant substituting for a honesuki. It is a single bevel knife but the back is flat rather than hollow ground. I demonstrate techniques for sharpening this style of knife.

The second knife is a Blazen powdered steel petty or utility knife.

Similar to the 320, 600 and 1500 white stones. The stone soaks well in a couple of minutes. A fairly hard stone that generates metal swarf quickly without much mud. The initial grind marks of the stone go fairly quickly, leaving a smooth surface on the stone. The feel of the stone is similar to a Chocera 1k stone. It generates burr quickly. The stone is not particularly thirsty.

Next, I use a Blazen powdered steel petty. I reprofile the blade to a slightly more acute angle.

I demonstrate burr removal technique. I get a burr quickly. The stone seems to handle powdered steels well. "If you like Choceras, you're gonna love this" I also demonstrate a relationship between burr formation and pressure, reducing burr formation by reducing sharpening pressure. Overall a great stone to include in your sharpening kit. I conclude with a demonstration of resulting edge cutting performance from using this stone.

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Nubatama 1K Bamboo Stone White

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