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Nishida Santoku 175mm
Nishida Santoku 175mm
Nishida Santoku 175mm

Nishida Santoku 175mm

Item #: Nishida Santoku 175
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The classic santoku blade geometry features a sheep's foot tip which essentially draws the spine down to the front of the blade. There is very little clearance above the horizontal cutting plane when the blade is resting naturally from heel to forward cutting edge. This provides a more linear cutting edge, so the santoku has limited "rocking" travel in comparison to a Western-style chef's knife.

At 175mm the Nishida santoku falls in the middle of the length seen on these knives (130mm-200mm). It does have a reduced height (41.5mm) as compared to the other santokus in this range. It has a lovely kurouchi finish on the upper part of the soft iron cladding which transforms into a bead blasted kasumi finish down to the exposed core white #1 edge.

Shirogami (white) steel is a very fine grained carbon steel made from a very low contaminate iron loved for its ease of sharpening and ability to take a very fine razor sharp edge. White steel is a favorite of many chefs for knives in which a very fine finish is essential. Not the easiest steel to forge and temper properly, white steel done well is a testimony to a smith’s skill. White steel is fairly reactive and requires care to avoid rust.

The knife just looks good and in the hand feels good too—a little on the heavy and thick side of average santoku blade design but not too much. If you like your knife with some heft this is a good choice.

  • weight: 5.2 ounces
  • Blade Length: 173 mm
  • Overall Length: 306 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.7 mm
  • Blade Height: 41.4 mm
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