Naniwa Omura 150 grit
Naniwa Omura 150 grit
Naniwa Omura 150 grit

Naniwa Omura 150 grit

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The Naniwa Omura 150 grit stone is a great stone for resetting bevels, quick steel removal, and chip and tip repairs. Being such a coarse stone, it cuts quickly so little time is required to achieve your goals. This stone measures 210mm x 78mm x 55mm.
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4  Product Review, May 20, 2012
Posted By: C Flanagan - verified customer

I just finished touching up bevels on a couple of knives, and I'm thoroughly impressed. Fast and smooth, it won't dish too badly if you use a light touch and run across the whole stone.
Well worth the spare change it will cost you.

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5  Product Review, November 29, 2011
Posted By: Houston Ellis - verified customer

I generally use under running water. I was looking for something to cut faster than my King 1K and Shapton GS500. It delivers. Can use a lot pressure. (Never liked using pressure with the GS series) You can also go very lightly for a finer finish. You can easily jump to 2K. I often jump to the Naniwa 3K SuperStone for my personal knives. They are softer german style, however. Amount of dishing is perfectly acceptable for a fast coarse bevel-setter. I leave the DMT's for flattening...hate the feedback from knives through those things!

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4  Product Review, April 27, 2011
Posted By: Kalan - verified customer

Cuts fast, dishes fast. The longer this stone soaks the better. Consistent scratch pattern, I can jump straight to medium grit (1k, 2k) stones from this one. Great value for its size and price!

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4  Product Review, March 25, 2011
Posted By: Rob Babcock - verified customer

The Ohmura does dish a bit but it cuts so fast it's well worth it. And it leaves a much more polished finish than you'd expect from the grit. It's easy to jump right to the 2k Green Brick; as Thom says, that's a killer 1/2 combo. In fact, that's my normal progression for sharpening German knives.

It's also a great stone for setting bevels on J-knives. True, it dishes a bit faster but VG-10 and SG-2 both melt pretty quickly at the touch of the Ohmura. The time saved by using this stone is worth the stone spent on the job. Use a bit of pressure and let it build up a thick coating of mud. Mud- that's key with this stone.

I wish I could give it 4.5 stars. The half star deduction is just be for dishing faster than a DMT. ;)

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4  Product Review, March 13, 2011
Posted By: Vic - verified customer

Seconded. I reset the bevel on my French carbon petty in less than 15 minutes with it. The finish was good enough for a quick 1K, 4K completion. Incredible!

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4  Product Review, December 16, 2010
Posted By: thombrogan - verified customer

This stone is a great coarse stone! Doesn't need much soaking to work (can be used splash-n-go style) yet it can live indefinitely in a bucket of water. If used with light pressure, it leaves a finish similar to 400-600 grit and will quickly erase the scratch marks of a D8XX 120 grit waterstone. If used with heavier pressure, it cuts very quickly (and dishes...) and cuts even quicker once a slurry has built up.

This stone works awesome with the Naniwa Aotoshi 2K Green Brick of joy for quickly grinding and polishing a new bevel (except on something like an Aritsugu, of course).

All extra-coarse waterstones are terrible, but the Naniwa Omura is among the least terrible.

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