Naniwa Super Stone 12,000 No Base
Naniwa Super Stone 12,000 No Base
Naniwa Super Stone 12,000 No Base

Naniwa Super Stone 12,000 No Base

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The Naniwa Super Stones are high-end sharpening stones (near the very top of the many lines Naniwa makes). CKTG is the sole North American distributor of these stones with no bases which are made a full 2 cm (0.75Ē) thick. Many of the cheaper stones you'll find are just 1 cm thick and so can wear down after just a few years of use. Or worse, they stand the chance of cracking more easily since there's just not enough strength in the thin material. 

The ceramic compounds used to manufacture these Super Stones are also of very high quality, and so they strike a great balance between their ability to polish a super fine edge without too much work while still being long-lasting and strong. They tend to sit on the softer side of stones available. These are truly excellent sharpening stones, suitable for any pro or serious home chef.

Overall size is also a feature, as smaller stones are more difficult to work with. It's nice to have the extra surface area when sharpening a santoku or chef's knife. 

The 12,000 Super Stone occupies the high end of the grit range of this line and is one of the finest polishing stones available. It will be the final stone you use to obtain that perfect mirror edge.

This a splash and go stone so it must not be soaked.
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