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MrKnife Fanatic 3 Stone Combo Set - Click to enlarge
MrKnife Fanatic 3 Stone Combo Set
Item #Snow White, Latte, Green Brick
Regular price:$208.00
Sale price:$195.95
You Save$12.05
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This set is favored by our top knife sharpener. Watch the video to get a feel for this excellent group of sharpening stones.

  • Latte 400
  • Green Brick of Joy 2K
  • Snow White 8K

  • Average rating is 5
    This is a really great stone set. The 2k is really soft so be careful not to gouge it.
    By:  Teo
    These stones are superior stones for the money. The shine you get out of these stones,especially the brick and the Snow White is superior to any other stone i have used. The stones cut fast with light pressure. You start to see a shine from the brick. About 10 mins on all 3 with .5 micron strop and you are ready for business. These are high value stone and are highly recommended.
    By:  Teo
    This 3 stone combo is one of the best i have used. All 3 stones cut extremely fast and you start to see a polished edge from the brick,the 2000 grit stone. Compared to the other stones on the site,you get extreme value for you money. Fast cutting and polishing all for $195. Highly recommended for those who want results in a timely manner.

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    MrKnife Fanatic 3 Stone Combo Set

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