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Moritaka Kiritsuke 210mm
Moritaka Kiritsuke 210mm Moritaka Kiritsuke 210mmMoritaka Kiritsuke 210mm
Moritaka Kiritsuke 210mm Moritaka Kiritsuke 210mmMoritaka Kiritsuke 210mm

Moritaka Kiritsuke 210mm

Item #: Moritaka Kiritsuke 210
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The Moritaka Supreme 210mm Kiritsuke is another instance where the maker has applied 50/50 geometry to a traditional Japanese pattern in order to heighten versatility and ease of use, and create an ambidextrous profile. Kiritsukes may lack some of the versatility of a gyuto, but the sword tip certainly makes up for some of that and how prodigious this pattern is for push and pull cutting make it a favorite addition to many cooksí blocks. If you are interested in the pattern, but have limited board space, this knife is a particularly good selection as there are relatively few kiritsukes that come in below 240 mm.

The core steel in the Moritaka Supreme line is a wonderfully treated Aogami Super which takes and holds a wicked edge. This high end carbon steel is clad with softer iron and produced with a rustic kurouchi finish. While still reactive, this finish aids in corrosion resistance. Hand-forging blades for over 700 years, Moritaka Hamono offers some of the more unique knives on our site at an incredible value given the performance, fit and finish, premium steel, and handmade nature of the knives.

Customer Reviews
Average rating is 5
By:  Sebastian
St. Paul MN
I picked this knife up not knowing what to expect having had no experience with a Kiritsuke. I love it. It takes little to put a ridiculous edge on it. It holds the edge very well. Fit and finish are both very nice as I have come to expect. The tip on this knife is exceptionally thin and sharp. My favorite things to do with this knife so far are slicing steak and brunoise of just about anything. Great Knife!
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