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Moritaka 300mm Yanagiba - Click to enlarge
Moritaka 300mm Yanagiba
Item #KY 300 Blue
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The blade has a 50/50 edge grind and the handle is octagonal. There are so few Japanese yanagis that have this combination and most require 50% extra for left handed versions. This one works for both righties and lefties.

  • weight: 6.4oz
  • blade length: 300mm
  • total length: 455mm
  • spine thickness: 2.98mm
  • blade depth: 35.81mm
  • Average rating is 4.7
    By:  chris
    Handle is very nice; holds a decent edge; very affordable,great value; doesn’t rust as quickly as the Takeda; Is thicker than a sujihiki,but thinner than a traditional single bevel yanagi.
    By:  Chris (No ChoP!)
    Updating review in to regards of purported overgrind issues.

    This beast has been in the hands of several well regarded knife experts,and consensus is the grind is spot-on! If the grind is going to get messed up,its going to be on a 300mm yanagi. Even $3000 yanagis often have overground heels,and holes behind the edge,as 12" of blade is hard to get perfect.

    I have only grown more fond of this knife. Outperforms yanagis at three times the price!

    I am a Moritaka believer!
    By:  Troy
    This is the third Moritaka I now own and it does not disappoint. Great steel,great grind and simply a great product.

    I cannot say enough about how nice this knife is. The finish,handle and grind are all top notch and the rustic finish with Aogami Super Steel is difficult to beat at any price point.

    All in all a great knife in this price range,nice and sharp right out of the box and when I do take it to the stones,will produce a wicked sharp edge. Cannot wait to get my naturals delivered and see what I can really do with this knife.

    100% recommend this knife and I wouldn’t considering it anywhere else but from Mark at CKTG!!

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    Moritaka 300mm Yanagiba

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