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Misono Swedish Sujihiki 300mm
Misono Swedish Sujihiki 300mm
Misono Swedish Sujihiki 300mm

Misono Swedish Sujihiki 300mm

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This 300mm Sujihiki is the perfect length for a slicer. It is made for large kitchens and situations where space is not a problem. It is the ideal tool for carving most proteins such as rib roasts or slicing fish for sushi. The lower height of a Sujuhikiís blade results in less friction when slicing. The result is that the blade cuts through fish and meat with a smooth and reduced effort....in one efficient stroke.

Heat-treated to an HRC of 60, these thin and deft blades are made out of a mono steel called Swedish Sandvic steel. It is a fine grained alloy which is renowned for taking and holding a very sharp edge. The lovely blade is enhanced with a beautiful dragon engraving. It is attached to a western style black Pakka wood handle that has been infused with resin to ensure durability and moisture resistance.

Care does need to be taken to prevent rusting, but these knives take on a fine patina, which will help to curb this corrosion. So keep the knife very dry between uses. The Misono Swedish 300mm Sujihiki is a beautifully constructed and finished knife offered at a high value price. Itís no wonder so many professional chefs have Misono Swedish steel knives in their rolls.

  • Blade Length: 300mm
  • Length: 440mm
  • Blade Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight: 238g

    Please note that these are carbon steel blades and they will oxidize over time. This is normal for this type of steel. They will also rust if left wet so dry them after each use. Some users apply a bit of oil to the knife after drying to keep the knife from rusting.
  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4
    By:  Adamm
    Cashtown Pa
    Love this knife,after it has a patina it has a great look with the dragon,stays sharp forever and doesn’t leave me down. The only down side is its a little flexible,which could be a plus or minus depending on what your doing
    By:  Socrates7
    It has the most reactive steel Iíve ever used,so expect anything in this line to tarnish almost immediately. That said,itís great -- easy to maintain and sharpen,holds an edge like crazy and it has a DRAGON on it! I mean,really,what else do you need to read? D-R-A-G-O-N. Get one!
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