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Misono Swedish Parer 120mm
Misono Swedish Parer 120mm
Misono Swedish Parer 120mm

Misono Swedish Parer 120mm

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The Misono Swedish 120mm parer is an excellent shorter petty/utility knife. It makes a great addition to a regular chef's knife or santoku. Misono knives are loved by professional cooks who are looking for a high quality Japanese knife with excellent workmanship, materials, fit and finish, all at an affordable price.

The knives in the Swedish steel line are made with a mono steel construction of Swedish High Carbon steel. These are carbon steel knives, not stainless, which means they take (and keep) an incredible edge, and they are very reasonably priced for the performance they offer. Each knife is hand sharpened by Misono artisans to ensure maximum sharpness right out of the box. Please note that as these are carbon steel blades, they will oxidize over time. This is normal for this type of steel. They will also rust if left wet, so dry them carefully after each use.

The 120mm parer/petty is a great all round utility knife. It has a lovely thin blade featuring an asymmetrical bevel of 70/30. The high quality strengthened wood handle protects against water damage and provides a nice light balance to the blade. It is attached to the full tang with a full metal bolster and two rivets. A great knife at an even greater price!

  • Blade Length: 120mm
  • Length: 225mm
  • Blade Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Weight:70g
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