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Konosuke White #2 Fujiyama Gyuto 240mm - Click to enlarge
Konosuke White #2 Fujiyama Gyuto 240mm
Item #Kono Fuji #2 Gyuto 240 Ebony
Regular price:$333.00
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This Konosuke Wa-Gyuto is made with Fujiyama White #2 steel and measures about 230mm on the blade edge. The handle is made of ebony with blond buffalo horn ferrule. The spine is rounded and this knife is very thin and light. This steel is excellent quality and one of Kosuke's favorites because it's hard (RC61+-) and takes a great edge and is relatively easy to sharpen.

  • Handle: Ebony octagonal
  • Ferrule Buffalo Blonde
  • Weight 194g
  • Spine thickness is 2.4mm
  • Blade Height at Heel 50.5mm
  • Average rating is 5
    By:  T C
    San Leon,Texas
    This is a great knife. First it is hand forged (thicker/heavier than other Konosukes) but cuts super thin slices just like the thinner Kono’s with a lot less bending/flexing. Next it is White steel = easy to sharpen,super sharp edge (although White #1 a little better than White#2). Third very reasonably priced for a hand forged knife. Lastly the handle is better than the picture shows it is a deep dark walnut color (not black) & the ferrel is marbled (blond w/black) as the pure blond ferrel sometime looks see thru the marble ferrel does not. My favorite Gyutos are Konosuke fujiyamas (white steel) - You will not regret this purchase in 210mm,240mm,270mm or 300mm. Five Star Knife way under $1000.00 mark I’ve seen lesser knives selling for elsewhere!!!!!!!!
    By:  Joe O
    Boynton Beach,FL
    Great knife,not as thin as my Konosuke white #2 gyuto but this one is very thin behind the edge and the edge lasts alot longer. The fit and finish is wonderful,everything is rounded off,the handel looks beautiful and feels great in my hand. It has a good weight to it. Out of the box sharpness isnt close to what I would use but that doesnt take long to remedy on a typical stone setup. I would recomend the fujiyama over the white #2 series anyday now that I have actually seen the difference.
    By:  James
    I already own a Konosuke HH Gyuto so I knew that the fit and finish would be awesome but I was practically salivating when I opened the box to take out my new Fujiyama. It’s just more. It feels nicer in the hand and looks fantastic.

    The OTB edge was pretty rubbish put I put it on the edge pro and this thing is unreal. The #2 is maybe even easier to sharpen the aogami super and it took no time to get a nice shinny edge.

    I put some onions and tomatoes to the test and it cuts better than all my other knives.

    It is super reactive and has already formed a nice patina on most of the blade.

    Nothing bad to say about this knife and as always,shipping was fast and reliable all the way to France & I didn’t even have any import tax to pay!

    My only regret is that it’s not the 270 but there weren’t any in stock and I got impatient. I think I might have finally bought my last knife...... Or maybe just 1 more......

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    Konosuke White #2 Fujiyama Gyuto 240mm

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