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Konosuke HD2 300mm Sujihiki - Click to enlarge
Konosuke HD2 300mm Sujihiki
Item #Konosuke HD 300mm Wa-Sujihiki Ho
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Konosuke HD 300mm Wa-Sujihiki. The HD line from Konosuke has the same dimensions as the White #2 line, but is made from proprietary semi-stainless steel to provide that extra protection from discoloration. Care does need to be taken to prevent rusting, but these knives take on a great patina which will also help to curb discoloration. This 300mm Sujihiki is the perfect length for a slicer. Perfect for rib roasts or slicing your favorite fish for sushi. Heat-treated to an HRC of 61, these blades are attached to an octagonal Ho wood handle with a black Buffalo horn ferrule. As with all of our Konosuke knives, this comes with the option of a Saya

  • weight: 4.2oz
  • blade length: 292mm
  • overall length: 454mm
  • spine thickness at heel: 2.2mm
  • Height at heel 41mm
  • Average rating is 5
    By:  boar_d_laze
    All the wonderful edge qualities we’ve come to know and love with other HD knives.

    The Konosuke half-octagonal handle is somewhat controversial. Many people find it too narrow,but with my soft pinch and large hands it works extremely well for me. It’s also suited to coming "over the top" so that the knife can be used for chopping even with its relatively low shoulder.

    For a 12" knife,the Konosuke suji is wonderfully,ridiculously agile,to the point where I use mine for activities you wouldn’t associate with the length or profile -- chopping and trimming for instance.

    Although expensive,it’s high value,in that it’s so much better than others of its type.

    If you’re in the market for a long,"laser" suji,and your budget extends this far,get out your credit card and buy it.


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    Konosuke HD2 300mm Sujihiki

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