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Konosuke HD2 270mm Gyuto
Konosuke HD2 270mm Gyuto
Konosuke HD2 270mm Gyuto

Konosuke HD2 270mm Gyuto

Item #: Konosuke HD 270mm Wa-Gyuto Ho
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The HD line from Konosuke has the same dimensions as the White #2 line, but is made from proprietary semi-stainless steel to provide that extra protection from discoloration. Care does need to be taken to prevent rusting, but these knives take on a great patina which will also help to curb discoloration. This 270mm Gyuto is the most popular sized knife amongst professional cooks. It provides the perfect length when cutting large amounts of produce or meats. It is the all-around multi-tasking blade and great for so many jobs. Heat-treated to an HRC of 61, these blades are attached to an octagonal Ho wood handle with a blonde ferrule. As with all of our Konosuke knives, this comes with the option of a Saya.
  • Handle Length- 141mm
  • Total Length- 280mm
  • Heel to Tip- 270mm
  • Blade Height at Heel- 51mm
  • Width of Spine at Heel- 2.1mm
  • Weight- 175g

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  Boar D Laze
    Takes a great edge very easily. Has a suprisingly good profile; and is as good as Masamoto for classic,European style pinch grip,rock and glide chopping and feel on the board.

    The handle is comfortable and dressy,but a bit narrow if you wrap your fingers all the way around and/or hold your knive tightly.

    I haven’t had the knife long enough to say much about edge holding and durability,but otherwise the edge characteristics are fantastic. You probably can’t get a "V" edge knife any sharper than you can get this.

    Wonderful knife.
    By:  Patrick
    All I can say is WOW!!! This knife rocks. This is my first major knife purchase I have made and I was quite reluctant to spend this much money on a knife,but once it came in,I don’t regret it one bit. It’s super thin and light weight and it’s edge retention seems to be phenomenal. I have had it for over a month now and have yet to resharpen it (sharpened it when I first got it like all knives) I have been through at least 100 pounds worth of various produce,mostly celery,carrots and onions with a bit of romaine/iceberg and some green onions mixed in. The edge still preforms to this day as well as it did when I took it off the stones. Amazing knife and can’t recommend this one enough.
    By:  Michael Fry
    I couldn’t be happier with my gyuto. I am a line cook,and do extensive prep work. This knife has become my go-to at work,as well as at home. I have yet to find a task it can’t handle.
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