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Konosuke HD2 270mm Funayuki/Gyuto - Click to enlarge
Konosuke HD2 270mm Funayuki/Gyuto
Item #Kono HD 270 Funayuki Ho
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Konosuke HD 270mm Funayuki/Gyuto New Shape.

  • weight: 6oz
  • blade length: 277mm
  • total length: 440mm
  • spine thickness: 2.44mm
  • blade depth: 53.26mm
  • Average rating is 5
    By:  Danny
    Just an amazing knife. Incredibly thin and light. Glides through food with no wedging. I found this a bit long at 277mm; though it was still incredibly light,I am operating in small quarters. I solved this problem by taking it to a pro knife shop and having them shorten it to about 260 -- though the tip is now not as thin as intended,the knife is so thin overall that itís not an issue for me. I think the length would be just fine in a pro environment or for someone with plenty of counter space. Though I have other knives,I reach for this one 95% of the time as it is such a pleasure to use.

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    Konosuke HD2 270mm Funayuki/Gyuto

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