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Konosuke HD2 240 Funayuki/Gyuto - Click to enlarge
Konosuke HD2 240 Funayuki/Gyuto
Item #240 Funy/Gyuto Ho
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Konosuke HD Gyuto 240mm has a new and improved shape. This one has a larger flat spot on the edge which is ideal for general kitchen use and especially push cutting. This is one of our favorite blade shapes so we asked Konosuke to make them exclusively for CKTG. The 240mm Funayuki/gyuto has a 2 sided edge and comes with a stabilized octagonal handle ferrule. It's also easier to sharpen. Curiously similar shape to the Carter Funayukis.

  • Weight: 5oz
  • Blade length: 231mm
  • Blade height at heel: 50mm
  • Thickness at spine: 2.5mm

  • Average rating is 5
    By:  DTSlauson
    Rocky Mountains
    Outstanding performance,superb cutter. When it arrived I pulled it out the box and ran some quick tests,with no extra sharpening. I like to try cutting a thick carrot into paper thin slices and gauge the effort it takes. The Konosuke HD required just a very tiny effort to push cut,and using a forward slice it simply glides through a carrot with just it’s own (very light!) weight applied. It cuts so smoothly that it feels about like slicing a ripe yellow squash instead of a hard carrot... really. It’s a beautiful knife and an absolute pleasure to use.

    This knife is quite similar to my standard profile Konosuke HH stainless gyuto which is also superb. But this knife,with it’s funayuki profile,is a little sleeker and narrower near the tip. I find that it lends itself just a bit better to fine detail cuts,providing a little more control when using the front of the knife. Both the HD funi and HH stainless are so good that I haven’t yet decided which I prefer. I’ll be keeping both!

    Fit and finish are very good with nicely rounded spine and choil for handling comfort. Mine came with a buffalo horn ferrule,which I thought was a nice touch. Very fast shipping and service!
    By:  David S
    Outstanding performance,smooth superb cutter. OOTB it was able to glide through thick carrots with no pressure applied other than the very light weight of its blade. The funayuki profile,with its sleeker and more pointed tip works well with fine cuts and improves ease of control.

    Very good fit and finish with nicely rounded spine and heel for handling comfort. Mine came with a buffalo horn ferrule,which I thought was a nice touch. Very fast shipping and service!

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    Konosuke HD2 240 Funayuki/Gyuto

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