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Konosuke HD2 210mm Petty Ebony - Click to enlarge
Konosuke HD2 210mm Petty Ebony
Item #HD 210mm Petty Ebony
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The HD line from Konosuke has the same dimensions as the White #2 line, but is made from a proprietary semi-stainless steel to provide that extra protection from discoloration. Care does need to be taken to prevent rusting, but these knives take on a great patina which will also help to curb discoloration. This 210mm Petty is excellent for meat trimming or as a smaller slicer. Heat-treated to an HRC of 61, these blades are attached to an ebony handle and a blond water buffalo horn ferrule. As with all of our Konosuke knives, this comes with the option of a matching Saya.
Average rating is 5
By:  Christopher Moreno
Los Angeles
Ive been waiting to get my hands on this knife 6 months. This thing is freaking awesome. Simply the best knife I own. It sharpens easier then any carbon steel I own and It doesn’t have to be constantly wiped down. I use it to slice proteins,peel and dice vegs. It gets wickedly sharp and holds its edge for a while. If you work the line this is the knife to own. Just don’t keep it out of your sight. With the ebony handle it looks just as good as it cuts.

For the home cook,Use your cleaver to hack thru bones and use your Konosuke HD knives to do the rest.

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Konosuke HD2 210mm Petty Ebony

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