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Konosuke Fujiyama Kiritsuke/Gyuto 270mm White #2 - Click to enlarge
Konosuke Fujiyama Kiritsuke/Gyuto 270mm White #2
Item #Kono Fuji Kiritsuke/Gyuto 270 Ebony
Regular price:$429.95
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Out of stock. This is a 270mm Kiritsuke/Gyuto hybrid from Konosuke. The Fujiyama series has a thicker profile and geometry compared to the White #2 series. This is one of the most popular lengths amongst our professional cooks. This knife requires an adjustment in cutting technique as compared to a western-style knife or even a regular Gyuto due to the almost flat cutting edge. You will need to use more of a push or pull cutting technique to get the most from this knife. Unlike a traditional Kiritsuke, this knife is double beveled with a 50/50 edge. This steel is known for the extremely fine, screaming sharp edge it is capable of achieving. It is a fairly reactive carbon steel alloy, so extra care after use is highly recommended. As always, with all our Konosuke knives, you have the option of purchasing with or without a saya..

  • weight: 8.8oz
  • blade length: 262mm
  • total length: 430mm
  • spine thickness: 3.01mm
  • blade height: 46.78mm

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    Konosuke Fujiyama Kiritsuke/Gyuto 270mm White #2

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