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Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #2 Gyuto 240mm
Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #2 Gyuto 240mm
Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #2 Gyuto 240mm

Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #2 Gyuto 240mm

Item #: Kono Fuji Blue #2 Gyuto 240 Ebony
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Konosuke Fujiyama series is a group of knives that are made by a particular blacksmith that does excellent work. This group of knives uses Blue #2 steel which is made by Hitachi and is also called Aogami #2 and sometimes called Blue Paper #2 since the steel is wrapped in blue paper when it's sent to blacksmiths. This steel is sought after and made from Japanese pure sand irons at their famous Yasugi plant in Shimane Prefecture. It has 1.10 ~1.20 high carbon with 0.20 ~0.50 Chromium and 1.00 ~1.50 Tungsten at Rockwell Rc.61~62, and it outperforms Shirogami ( White Steel) with better edge retention and ability to take a more acute edge.

  • Handle: Ebony octagonal
  • Ferrule Buffalo Blonde
  • Weight 194g
  • Spine thickness is 2.88mm
  • Blade Height at Heel 50.5mm
  • HRC 61

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  Aaron
    So,this would make Konosuke #6. Is it the best? Between that and the white #2 laser that is really hard to choose.

    The blue is really ground thin behind the edge,so you get that laser feeling while the extra heft helps out,(think it’s like 6 ounces there abouts) Once again the box edge wasn’t the best,so to get a konosuke box edge,(or as close as I could) I used my 1k natural and leather strop finish. Really close to there finish. On that edge the knife was really good,a full day of prep no prob,but after I took it to the stones and gave it a full treatment. WOW. After a full day of 8 hours of non stop cutting she could still blow through pepper skins with no problem or no need to rock the knife just chop.

    Over all easily my top one or two knife ever. Thanks to Mark for getting these babies in.
    By:  GRraff
    The box edge was too fragile. I didn’t even try it. Aside from that,this is one of the most beautiful knives I’ve had the chance to use. Extremely well made. Only used it one day,but so far,it is amazing.Konosuke on a higher level.
    By:  GRraff
    I have many Konosuke knives and am a big fan. This knife blows them all away,though. The fit and finish,the look,the quality is incredible. I am not knocking the regular Konosukes,but this series is top notch.
    By:  Drek
    I bought this knife a few months ago,and I am literally amazed by it’s continued performance. It’s VERY thin behind the edge (like,wafer thin); a beautiful slicer/chopper. The perfect tactile weight and excellent workmanship and finish. Also,I love the profile.

    Quite reactive though. You have to keep up on it’s maintenance to keep it nice,or it will oxidize very quickly. You should be adept at caring for Japanese carbon before you get into this knife. I would love to try the white #1 series as well. Highly recommended!
    By:  Mariano
    Overall : incredible.

    Looks : This knife features a beautiful hamon. It is not a dasmacus knife. Everything is rounded and polished. The fit and finish is simply incredible. The blade finish is a grounded satin.

    Geometry : This is not a laser but more of a workhorse. Out of the box you get a big secondary bevel with a very soft concave grind. There is a one sided micro bevel. Because this knife is intended to be a workhorse you should keep the micro bevel (I micro beveled the blade on both sides).

    Performance : Out of the box it was nice,but as I am used to very sharp knives it didn’t feel awesome. However after a full sharpening it has a killer edge. I still need to check how long it will last.

    Sharpening : very fast,very easy. Used shapton glass stones : 1k,2k,4k,8k,16k + leather strop.

    The feel : Everytime I look at it I feel like holding a small treasure. The saya is must have by the way.
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