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Knife Sharpening Complete 8pc Set - Click to enlarge
Knife Sharpening Complete 8pc Set
Item #8pc Sharpening Set
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Here is an excellent starter set for those just learning to sharpen knives. The Beston 500 is great for setting a bevel and getting a burr as well as for chip removal and tip repairs. The Bester 1K stone is one of our more popular middle grit stones and is a perfect match to lead into the Arashiyama 6K finishing stone. All of these stones require a short soak before you use them or you can just dribble water on them if you have a sink bridge. This set also includes a 20x pocket magnifier. The loupe is very handy to see your edge when you are sharpening. This is our best selling sharpening set on the site and we put it together to give you the best results right off the bat. Here is a quick list of the set:

  • Beston 500
  • Bester 1K
  • Arashiyama 6K
  • 20X Loupe
  • Deburring Block
  • CKTG Sharpie
  • Universal Stone Holder
  • 140 Grit Diamond Plate

  • Average rating is 5
    By:  Forrest
    Great product,great customer service! I really couldn’t be more pleased with the job y’all are doing to bring the best products at a reasonable price.
    By:  Bob
    Shady Side,md
    Great product and a good price
    By:  Mitch G
    I absolutely love this kit! Having never sharpened knives before on a whetstone,I ordered this kit after a bit of research and quickly found myself sharpening knives to a razor edge even on the first go!

    Now all my friends want me to sharpen their knives.

    As usual CKTG offered stellar service and the product arrived quickly and was well packaged with nothing damaged.
    By:  Greg T
    Excellent quality. This is a complete set. A great way to get started with knife sharpening.
    By:  Nick Lachman
    universal city,tx
    Amazing set if stones and equipment for the price. The edge I am able to achieve on my knives is unmatched.
    By:  Mauidj
    What a great kit. This is my first try at sharpening and I am amazed at how well I did first time out. I sharpened an old Sabatier to get some practice before moving on to my nicer knives and I am blown away at how sharp I got it. The edge looks like a mirror. For a first attempt this is very encouraging. Now I understand why people get so engrossed in the sharpening act. Thank you CKTG and Mark for the great product,advice and video guide. Five stars indeed!

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    Knife Sharpening Complete 8pc Set

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