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Kato Damascus Gyuto 240mm
Kato Damascus Gyuto 240mm Kato Damascus Gyuto 240mm Kato Damascus Gyuto 240mm
Kato Damascus Gyuto 240mm Kato Damascus Gyuto 240mm Kato Damascus Gyuto 240mm

Kato Damascus Gyuto 240mm

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Kiyoshi Kato has been crafting swords and knives for over 50 years and works out of Hokuto City. He is one of the most renowned bladesmiths in Japan and produces some very unique kitchen knives. He adheres to highly traditional forging, shaping, and quenching/treating techniques, perhaps more so than any other smith on our site. His knives are heat treated in charcoal pits during pre-dawn hours so that Kato can determine the perfect amount of treatment by analyzing the color variations of the steel. Prior to treatment the knives are coated in a thin clay mixture and after receiving heat are water quenched. This process is meant to prevent any impurities from reacting with the steel that may be presented in more modern techniques. Kato’s knives are very thick at the spine and have a wonderful convex geometry that allows them to become quite thin behind the edge. In many applications, this results in unrivaled cutting performance and an incredibly unique feel and character which is not to be found by any other smith we have encountered.

Kato’s Damascus knives are the top knives in his lineup. These knives contain a core of very hard W#2 steel with Damascus cladding. The cladding metal used is harder than his kasumi finished knives, and the layering provides additional structural integrity to the blade which allows them to maintain the same character as his non-Damascus knives while also being slightly thinner and lighter. In addition, the harder steel is also more resistant to patina and corrosion, allowing the cladding to maintain its high aesthetic value.

As always, we believe it is worth noting that because of the high amount of core steel used and the exceptional hardness of these knives, high levels of care and proper technique should be applied when using these knives to prevent chipping. They are not the proverbial “workhorses” that some may assume they are, though they are extremely high performance knives that provide a singular cutting experience and will reward a user for proper technique and care many times over.

  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Blade Length: 240 mm (9.5")
  • Overall Length: 380 mm (15")
  • Thickness at Heel: 4.4 mm
  • Blade Height: 47.5 mm
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