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Shun Classic 10" Chef's Knife - Click to enlarge
Shun Classic 10" Chef's Knife
Item #DM0707
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Shun Classic 10" Chef's Knife. Measures 10" on the blade. Shun Classic also features our uniquely stable "D" shape handle design. The steel is VG10 stainless with nice damascus cladding. Shuns have good fit and finish and the profile has a descent amount of belly for rocking. The asymmetrical bolster is ground a little more on the right side to provide proper finger placement and an easy, secure grip.

  • weight: 8.6oz
  • blade length: 260mm
  • total length: 390mm
  • spine thickness at base: 2.5mm
  • blade height: 48.2mm

  • Average rating is 4.7
    By:  echerub
    While the Shun Classic 10" Chef’s is a made with high-quality materials and looks beautiful,I did not like its feel and balance in my hand. I found the Shun Classic 10" blade-heavy (which my 11.5" chef’s from a different make is not),and it lacked the nimbleness and "spriteliness" that I like to feel in knife.
    By:  Socrates7
    I think this is a great knife. Most folks will probably think this knife to be "too big",but they’re sadly mistaken. For just about every non pre-teen,this knife ought to be your first "real" chef knife. Just buy it.
    By:  Crazy Cutter
    London UK
    This Shun Classic 10" blends traditional Japanese knife craftmanship with Western knife geometry resulting in a stylish performance knife that the ametur and pro chef alike can enjoy.

    Whether you’re looking to use this in a pro kitchen or as your main home knife this really won’t dissapoint.

    If you are new to Japanese style knives,the big belly will feel familiar,the handle should simply be a revelation and even better; if you live in the USA you can take advantage of the free sharpening service from Shun meaning you never have to worry about anything other than the postal service!
    By:  William House
    Nice entry level quality knife,fit and finish is very good.
    By:  Huy
    it cuts "like butta". tried my friends 10" shun back to back with my 8" tamahagane san today. it definitely cut easier because of the extra weight. definitely felt nice in my hands. a little more expensive,but it is worth it.
    great great knife. got one for xmas,still as sharp as when i received it,does not need to be run over a steel 400x a day like other knives
    By:  c9
    Coming from the perspective of someone who has tried several other Japanese knives,I think that this knife has one major fault,and one major redeeming feature. Compared to other knives with similar features,VG-10 Damascus,nice handle and fit & finish,its not bad for the price. However the profile is just plain annoying to use,it has mor belly than a European knife like a Forschner,to the point where its very detrimental,especially when shopping large volume or doing tip work. Some people may not care so much though. However,the free sharpening service is great for those who are afraid to get their feet wet sharpening. If you don’t care about the belly and want a sharpening service,and like the overall package Shun offers,its worth buying.

    More info at: http://kazuhiko10.wordpress.com/category/tojiro-vs-shun/
    By:  Zach
    Great knife. I bought this knife for myself during culinary school and Im very pleased. Very light and very sharp. Recommended to pros and novices alike.
    By:  Chef Gary Elmore,Executive Chef,Main Event Productions
    I was a little unsure about ordering this wide-blade,"big-bellied" knife after using a smaller one for so many years,but after a couple of days of getting used to it,I haven’t put it down since receiving it. Control is superb with the excellent overall balance of this blade,and the unique shape and feel of the handle is greatly welcome in the hand. For the price,there are few knives out there that can match it. Cons are the delicate tip of the blade that is perhaps a little too thin,and the silly mirror image that the blade edge is polished to all along the length. It’s just impossible not to scratch that surface up the first time you sharpen it. Still,these are small quibbles,and I look forward to my next purchase from Shun.
    By:  Ian Douglas
    Western Australia
    I am a professional chef and have used this knife every day for the last 3 years. I have owned knives from most major brands and i can honestly say this is the best knife you will find for under $200
    By:  Donald
    I’ve had this knife for a year now and still love the way it looks,works and feels in my hand. It’s still as sharp now as when i got it. With proper care and a few light strokes with a steel,keeps it razor sharp.
    By:  michael mills
    sonora california
    I like the knife. The knife feels good in the hand and the edge is very sharp. The blade is thin towards the tip so I time my cuts so that the tip end is doing the cutting when knife thickness is a negative. If I only had one knife,this would be it.

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    Shun Classic 10" Chef's Knife

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