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Kamisori Straight RazorsKamisori Straight Razors
These Kamisori or traditional Japanese straight razors are individually handcrafted using White #2 steel - including the layered steel kamisori. Available in two handle options - either an economical plain blue removable plastic handle or a rattan wrapped handle. The rattan wrapping is a traditional custom wrapping made by a second craftsman using a particularly distinctive weave pattern. The insert below the ratttan wrapping is 'sting ray leather' or samegawa which is a traditional material used for this purpose as well as for some Japanese sword handles because it keeps wrappings from unraveling. White steel takes a particularly fine edge. The layered steel is even more beautiful in person than what a photograph can capture.. Two hollow ground surfaces meeting as flat bevels - these are easy to hone to an exceptional edge and the razor can be used with either hand for either side of the face for an exceptional shave!

Home > Suppliers > Ken's Corner > Kamisori Straight Razors

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Kamisori Straight Razors

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