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Shiro Kamo R2 Sujihiki 270mm
Shiro Kamo R2 Sujihiki 270mm
Shiro Kamo R2 Sujihiki 270mm

Shiro Kamo R2 Sujihiki 270mm

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Sujihiki knives can be regarded as a western version of the classic Japanese yanagiba. The yanagi is best known as a sushi knife but in fact is also used for general slicing duties. Similarly, the sujihiki can be used in multiple slicing roles. The primary difference between the blades is that the sujihiki is double-beveled as opposed to the single-sided yanagiba. This is a plus in terms of use and maintenance especially for chefs who are not familiar with single- bevel knives. These can be tricky to use and even harder to sharpen. Not so for the sujihiki.

The Shiro Kamo sujihiki is a handsome knife that performs as well as it looks. It is constructed san-mai style from a core of R2 steel covered in multiple layers of a different stainless alloy. The combination of etching the upper part and grinding the lower area produces a dramatic damascus look which is further enhanced by the semi-matte finish. This is a great performing steel which is quite easy to sharpen and is hard enough to hold a super fine edge. The R2 steel is hardened to 62-63 HRC. Plus because it is fully stainless, daily maintenance is a breeze.

The length of this blade falls squarely in the middle of most slicers and will be perfect for most average to large work areas. The other specifications also place this in the middle of size and weight ranges for a 270mm suji. But looking and using this fine utensil will convince you that it is anything but average. In fact the Shiro Kamo R2 sujihiki is a top of the class act and one deserving of you consideration.

  • Steel: R2 Powdered Stainless
  • HRC: 62-63
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Blade Length: 270 mm (10.75")
  • Overall Length: 430 mm (17")
  • Thickness at Heel: 2.8 mm
  • Blade Height: 40.6 mm
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