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Kajihara Kurouchi Kobocho 120mm - Click to enlarge
Kajihara Kurouchi Kobocho 120mm
Item #Kajihara Kurouchi Kobocho 120mm
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Tsutomu Kajihara knives are made in Tosa Japan. Mr. Kajihara is a third generation blacksmith and he is 64 years old. These knives are fantastic values since they're made with high quality Aogami #2 (Blue Paper #2) steel with good heat treatment and high hardness at HRC62. The handles on these knives are oval shaped and are made of rosewood with ebony ferrules.

  • weight: 3oz
  • blade length: 124mm
  • total length: 242mm
  • spine thickness: 3.4mm
  • blade height: 42.03mm
  • Average rating is 5
    By:  sKot S.
    It is as if this blade started life as the 240mm Gyuto that was cut off 120mm back from the tip.

    If you hold it up against the 240 Gyuto it’s the exact same profile.

    That little bit of trivia side,this handles like the perfect combination of a paring knife,boning knife and small chefs knife.

    Like the 240mm Gyuto,this knife is a perfect extension of my hand for the work I need to do with it.

    OOTB more than sharp enough to take straight to work. It’s been heavily used through 2 10hr shifts and still hasn’t touched a hone or stone.

    Also like the 240mm Gyuto,the blade itself is stunning to look at and matches beautifully with the rosewood/ebony handles.

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    Kajihara Kurouchi Kobocho 120mm

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