Imanishi 4K Stone
Imanishi 4K Stone
Imanishi 4K Stone

Imanishi 4K Stone

Item #: Imanishi 4K
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This 4000 grit stone is one of our newest here at Chef Knives To Go. It cuts quickly and is a great finishing stone or mid-point for those wanting that mirror polish on their edges. This line requires a short soak in water before use. Stone measures 205mm x 77mm x 26mm.
Customer Reviews
Average rating is 4.3
By:  Aaron
For the price this is a hard stone to beat. The finish and performance is also very good as well. When I first used it I thought is was a slow cutter,but after I got some mud worked up the cutting speed went up as well. Over all provides a semi-mirror finish and makes a good bridge for use when moving to a 6k stone. I did test out the edge before I moved on and could easily push cut paper or shave. So a great stone for a great price. And as usual,great service from Mark.
By:  stevieo
this is a great 4k grit stone at a great price & i highly recommend this stone for 4k grit.

i needed a 4k grit to fill a void. i told mark what stones i have & what stones i like & he recommended this great inexpensive stone over my more expensive choices.

i have learned the expensive way not to casually order a cktg product without 1st consulting mark about my choice & his preferred recommendation.

cktg rules!!!
By:  Richard B
I’m somewhat reluctant to submit a review here since I am a relative newbie. So for what it’s worth...

In my experience this stone requires considerable pressure to begin cutting and still cuts more slowly than any of my other 5 stones. Since this stone is medium soft with the added pressure it catches the edge more easily which gouges the stone. Granted I can improve my technique,but the time required on this stone is too great,imo. I’ll work with it a bit more,but I think I’ll be looking for another stone in this grit before long.
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