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Idahone Fine Ceramic Rod 10" - Click to enlarge
Idahone Fine Ceramic Rod 10"
Item #R-10L
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This Idahone fine ceramic sharpening rod measures 10" on the rod and is ideal for keeping your knives honed. This is a very fine hone with a grit of about 1200. Made in USA.

We also just came up with an optional leather sheath. Use the drop down box to choose this nice accessory.


Average rating is 5
By:  Randy
I waited a while to write this review because I wanted to test this rod on two types of knife,the western knives,which are sharpened on two sides,and the japanese knives,which are sharpened only on one side,now I know I’m not supposed to hone a single edge japanese knife as the blade is more delicate,but I work in a banquet kitchen where cranking out food for 600 or more people a day is not uncommon... needless to say I do not always have the time to pass the blade through my fine stone just to straighten the edge out. I find the hone is actually very delicate with my japanese knives,you can tell by the feedback you get when you are honing it,the knife responds exceptionally well,if you feel the need to hone your japanese knife and do not want to torture and kill it,then I suggest using ONLY this fine ceramic rod as the steel rods can and will break your blade. As for my western knives which can handle a lot more abuse,keep in mind this is a honing rod and not a sharpening rod,it will certainly help preserve a razor sharp blade for much longer (if that is how sharp you usually keep your knife),and it will help touch up the blade and make it usable as it dulls,but it cannot by any means replace a good pair of sharpening stones. Having said that,if you like keeping a rough edge on your blade or simply keep your knives in crappy condition,this may not be the hone for you,you may need something more aggressive,and if you are dead set on buying ceramic I would recommend ceramic hones from Global,they are much,much more expensive though.
By:  Jeff B
Absolutely the best ceramic hone on the market. Brings back an edges quickly and touches it up at the same time. Nothing but the best products and service from CKTG!
By:  Jeff
Super quality hone,I was impressed how it keeps all our kitchen knives sharp.
By:  Jeff
A great rod! This does a really nice fast job of cleaning up and resetting the edge of lightly used knives without having to break out my full-blown sharpening kit.

By:  mitchell devine
Newport News,VA
Love it!

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Idahone Fine Ceramic Rod 10"

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