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Kikuichi Performance TKC 270mm Gyuto
Kikuichi Performance TKC 270mm Gyuto
Kikuichi Performance TKC 270mm Gyuto

Kikuichi Performance TKC 270mm Gyuto

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Kikuichi TKC are very popular with knife enthusiasts and professionals. These knives are available only from CKTG in the United States. Kikuichi's name as well as its distinctive chrysanthemum are featured on the blade. The TKC knives are made of excellent quality, semi stainless steel with great geometry and good fit and finish.

  • Blade Length: 270mm or about 10.5 inches
  • Spine Thickness: 2.36mm or .093 inches
  • Weight: 222g or 7.83 Ounces

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.8
    By:  Ryan
    San Angelo,TX
    Great knife. Really good steel for the money. Feels almost like carbon steel on the stones and the burr is easily removed. Takes an edge very close to carbon steel. Geometry is great - thin but strong. Height between spine and heel is less than most. Handle is smallish in diameter. Works very well for cutting meat. Holds edge much better than carbon steel when cutting beef. Can cut a lot of beef and remain sharp even with a high grit polish. Edge will take some damage with rough use on poly boards,but touches up easily with a 4 or 5K stone. I have many nice gyutos but this is pretty much all I use at the restaurant now because it does everything well and doesn’t need a lot of sharpening.
    By:  Tony
    Have had for close to a month. A bit dull out of the box,but took a wicked sharp edge with a little time on the stones. Is holding edge well. No problem with chipping. Holding polish with minimal patina courtesy of onions. Good fit and finish. Excellent functionality. Ideal for a cook who values function over bling.
    By:  Nicholas Beebe
    Mark recommended this knife for commercial kitchen use,so the Kikuichi is what I got. So far,it has performed admirably. It takes and holds an edge well. After 15 pounds of onions and a case of scallions on a cheap plastic cutting board,the knife was still sharp enough to shave. The semi-stainless steel has picked up a couple of swirls near the tip,which look cool. Aside from the one spot the knife is still shiny and stainless-looking. The balance of the knife is slightly forward of the bolster,right where most people would pinch the blade. The knife has proven good enough ergonomically that I have not yet bothered to round the spine like I have with all of my heavier german blades.

    My only criticism is that the handle is not completely flush with the bolster,and the printing on the blade has a little splotch. Neither of these really affect the performance of the knife or bother me at all. A more anal person than myself might find issue with the fit and finish,however.
    By:  Dave
    The people on the CKTG Forum guided me toward this knife and I am so pleased with it. I use it daily in a professional kitchen and love how it has helped me blow through my prep. It’s got a great profile,is light and was extremely sharp out of the box. Nothing flashy...just pure performance.
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