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Horse Strop 3
Horse Strop 3
Horse Strop 3

Horse Strop 3" x 8"

Item #: HorseStrop8

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Horse butt is the preferred substrate for strops by many people because its tight grain structure and minimal fat allow for a nice hard surface that allows the hide to affect blade steel. There are slight variations in the leather that helps the hide grab the steel and polishes the blade edge. It's our top recommendation for a good stropping experience.

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4  Great strop for the money, June 27, 2015
Posted By: Jake

This strop took my edges to the next level so that they can split hairs now. I gave it 4 stars because the surface is not completely flat but it still does the job. I used this strop after a 4K finish and it does refine the edge. Thanks for the great product!

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5  Love it!, May 29, 2015
Posted By: Steven C. Howell

This is such a great strop and it works so well with Richmond strop based system. Previously, I had a latigo 3" hanging strop that I'd ordered elsewhere and found that I wasn't a big fan of it. The draw was very intense with that strop and it was so heavy, I had a hard time keeping it straight. I'm sure this contributed to a bit of a rolled edge. I ended up selling the latigo strop and that's how I ended up here, buying the paddle strop.

I knew that I wanted something with a hard backing and ended up here. I'd considered several different strop bases (bovine, horse, balsa and kangaroo). I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to this and was a bit confused as to what I wanted and what was best. After pretty much tossing a coin, I went with the horse strop and I have to say, it was an excellent decision.

The horse strop is a very tight, more sturdy hide and seems to be quite forgiving. With a cow leather strop, I felt more of a grab and pull on the blade when I used it but with the horse strop, it's much different. It glides extremely well, without much grab and seems to be very forgiving. On one stroke, I accidentally caught it and thought for sure I nicked it. When I had the latigo, without question, I would have had to get the fine sandpaper out to repair it. Luckily, it didn't happen with the horse strop. I couldn't feel a nick anywhere and it kept its smooth surface. I'm very impressed at how durable it is.

To finish, I'm sorry to ramble on with this review and you'll have to forgive any of my spelling or grammatical errors but I wanted to be thorough and convey an accurate review. To end, without question, get one of these - I can't see how anyone would be disappointed with the purchase.

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5  Great, April 17, 2015
Posted By: Max S.

This was exactly what I was hoping for. Not a very fleshy surface at all, and it does not have much give if any. I would say this is the closest thing they have to Roo leather, in terms of strop made of animal hide. The 3X8 magnetizes right to my DMT stone perfect. This stuff takes diamond paste wonderfully. I recommend trying this if you can't afford kangaroo!

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5  Product Review, May 1, 2014
Posted By: Joe - verified customer

What a great strop. It puts the razor edge on my knifes after I either sharpen them or just touch them up on the ceramic steel and the mag base is a really cool idea. I'm not a Chef, I'm just a knife sharpening nut.

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