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Hiromoto Santoku 190mm
Hiromoto Santoku 190mm Hiromoto Santoku 190mmHiromoto Santoku 190mm
Hiromoto Santoku 190mm Hiromoto Santoku 190mmHiromoto Santoku 190mm

Hiromoto Santoku 190mm

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Our line of Hiromoto knives includes this well balanced and beautifully finished 190mm Santoku. It is constructed with a core of Aogami Super steel (Carbon, Chromium and Tungsten) boasting a Rockwell hardness of 60-62. Like the other knives in this range it is clad with a 405 stainless steel which aids in rust prevention and ease of maintenance. The exposed cutting edge is very easy to sharpen, durable and razor sharp! An attribute that holds true through extended use. We highly recommend these knives for all types of users.

  • Total Length: 310mm including the blade
  • Blade Thickness: 2mm
  • Total Weight: 155g
  • Blade Height at base: 46.8mm

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.6
    By:  DwarvenChef
    Thin blade,smaller handle and all the features of the carbon edge and stainless cladding. Great quick use knife.
    By:  Sammus
    As a humble home cook seriously lacking in the knife department,I set out on a quest to fill that void. After many painstaking months of research I decided on the Hiromoto AS Santoku,and it has served me well for a long time. Although it does have a carbon (ie non-stainless) edge,corrosion hasnít been a problem at all,a quick wipe on some paper towel or a clean cloth if Iím doing something else between cutting,and I wash it when youíre finished. It forms a lovely deep blue patina that adds a lot of character to the knife.

    Sharpening the AS edge is a breeze,and the sharpness holds exceptionally well. Naturally the hardness of the edge isnít suited for cutting through bone an such,but it is easily up to most tasks. Highly recommended!
    By:  RobinW
    The Hiromoto AS line is a sure winner.

    AS steel takes a great edge and the stainless cladding makes it somewhat easier to care for.

    Blade is thin and handle is comfy.

    I had to get a second as the mother-in-law somehow brought the first home with her...
    By:  Matthew
    Stainless coating scratches easily,and the Carbon edge stains and corrodes quickly,even with immediate cleaning it turns black. Knife does stay sharp and feel good in my hand. But I would not buy this knife again.
    By:  Todd
    Overall,this has been a great knife for me. Really thin,and just glides right through food--it’s just fun to use. Gets and stays sharp.

    I like the extra length of the Hiromoto (a lot of other santokus tend to be in the 165mm or 6.5" range). The profile is nice--mostly a long flat,but with just a little curve,and a more useable tip than many santokus.

    I’d take off a half star for the handle material not being completely flush with the tang,but this knife cuts so well and is fun to use,so it doesn’t matter that much.
    By:  Todd
    Great knife. Very thin--just glides through food so easily. Tang metal wasn’t totally even with the rest of handle,but overall this is still a really sweet knife.
    By:  Jhon
    I picked this knife up at a local store here at a GREAT price. If you are looking for a Santoku in the kitchen that performs up to the hype-buy this knife. A super blue core,laminated in stainless (I suspect 420j2 or an equivalent)made in Seki City. Look I collect knives-and knives coming out of Japan with this quality of materials,and heat treat,don’t come this price. The knife will patina and turn blue at the edge and the center of the spine over time-this is normal,and some makers will force a patina on their blades,as it causes a natural resistance to rusting (like seasoning a steel wok,or cast iron). This is NORMAL,and will not negatively affect function,or longevity. I keep a thin layer of mineral oil on the edge between uses-I apply it liberally,and then lightly wipe it with a towel-so that what is left is a thin layer-that looks like the knife is lightly wet. This film,will prevent "red rust" from setting in while your patina continues to naturally form from use.

    As for performance,this knife easily takes an edge that is sharp enough to cut the devil-and the profile makes for a great sliver. This knife may very well be the dollar for dollar,best value in a premium kitchen knife out there. I HIGHLY recommend.
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