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Hiromoto Utility Knife 150mm - Click to enlarge
Hiromoto Utility Knife 150mm
Item #150mm
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Hiromoto Knives: Hiromoto has been producing professional quality knives for decades in Seki City, Japan. The knives that we carry are the Aogami Super line and are forged from carbon steel, an ultimate Hagane refined from Yasugi sand-irons. These knives are made of high Carbon steel (1.40 - 1.50) with Chromium (0.30 Ė 0.50) and Tungsten (2.00 Ė 2.50) added for edge retention and durability. They hardness of the steel measures Rockwell 60-62. The blades are clad with 405 stainless steel to protect from rusting except the cutting edge. The result is an easy to sharpen knife that is durable and perfectly balanced and can hold a razor sharp edge.

  • weight: 3.2oz
  • blade length: 152mm
  • spine thickness: 1.61mm

  • Average rating is 4.8
    By:  DwarvenChef
    Great little petty,again carbon edge that takes a very sharp edge with stainless cladding for less worry about carbon steel in the kitchen.
    By:  Kel @ KnifeForums
    I bought this knife from Chefknivestogo about two months ago and have found myself using it almost every day. The blade is quite thin and agile and retains its sharpness very well. As such,I find myself using it more as a baby-suji than a large paring knife,although this knife suits itself to both uses readily.

    The steel seems very reactive to me but,to be fair,Iíve paired tomatoes with it and done a bunch of things that would make any knife patina quickly.

    Iíve never met a petty Iíve liked better and the price is right here.
    By:  Hendrawan Setioadi
    Not as good as Ryusen Blazen in finishing. I can smell something ’iron’ when I cut pineaple,orange,apple,any acid stuffs
    By:  TheRoots2k
    Los Angeles,CA
    Fantastic Knife,edge is still very sharp sharp after a week of work. I used it to cut soft and hard cheeses,meat,fruits,and vegetables.

    The edge does patina but it didn’t stain or discolor any of my food. I even left it hanging damp for awhile and didn’t have any signs of rust. Awesome knife!

    By:  Cook
    Rhode Island
    Great knife that holds an edge fantastically. Takes about a months worth of work to finally get to any sort of condition that requires sharpening. Then that takes very little effort to get razor sharp.

    The only drawback: super fragile steel. First,our dishwasher lightly dropped the knife into a ban marie and destroyed the tip. Then recently,I knocked the knife off of my cutting board and a majority of the blade has tons of chips,and the chips are very deep.
    By:  Cory
    WOW this little knife is plain sweet! Extremely sharp and nimble. I wanted a utility knife to bring with me to work and this thing is easily a 9/10.

    Steel is GREAT it is extremely sharp and the edge retention seems really good so far. The only possible con is the handle. There is a very very small chip that doesn’t bother me at all as well as the handle and tang not coming together as smoothly as they can... In all honesty i could care less! This is an absolutely GREAT buy. would recommend this knife to anyone.
    By:  Michael Bartley
    Los Angeles,CA
    Great little utility knife. Sharp out of the box,but I still took it to my loaded balsa and horse butt strop. Now it is hair shaving sharp. used it last night at home for some fine vegetable prep,and to bone a chicken. Edge was still sharp after going through joints. I am taking it on the line tonight to put it through some abuse. Can’t wait to see how well it shines there.
    By:  johonny
    best petty u can find with this price!!

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    Hiromoto Utility Knife 150mm

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