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Hiromoto Gyuto 240mm - Click to enlarge
Hiromoto Gyuto 240mm
Item #NGO-202
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Hiromoto has been producing professional quality knives for decades in Seki City, Japan. The knives that we carry are the Aogami Super line and are forged from carbon steel, an ultimate Hagane refined from Yasugi sand-irons. These knives are made of high Carbon steel (1.40 - 1.50) with Chromium (0.30 Ė 0.50) and Tungsten (2.00 Ė 2.50) added for edge retention and durability. The hardness of the steel measures Rockwell 60-62. The blades are clad with 405 stainless steel to protect from rusting except the cutting edge. The result is an easy to sharpen knife that is durable and perfectly balanced and can hold a razor sharp edge. We highly recommend these knives.

  • weight: 8.2oz
  • blade length: 238mm
  • spine thickness: 2.39mm

  • Average rating is 4.8
    By:  Ben Prescott
    Princeton NJ
    I donít know that I can say enough good things about this knife. Itís easy to sharpen,can take a razor sharp edge that will last forever,is easy to take care of despite being carbon,and is one of the BEST values around. The only negative is that occasionally you might get a handle that is just a little bit off,but at the end of the day,this is simply one of the best bang for the bucks out there.
    By:  DLG4114
    Hyde Park,New York
    This is a great knife for someone interested in carbon steel. It holds an edge for a long time,sharpens quickly and is light and nimble. It is cladded so only the area near the edge will react and after a couple of uses it will form a nice patina.

    It is overall a great knife especially for its price.
    By:  sunjunkie
    After much research,this was my first serious knife (my two Globals donít count). I got this knife for work,so I needed something that can keep a keen edge for a long time,wasnít too much maintenance,offered good performance for the $$$ and didnít need to be babied. Iím happy to say this bad-boy satisfied on all fronts! Like most Japanese knives,youíll need to put a new edge on it to really get the most out of it,as the factory edge was pretty conservative. The only minor negative I have would be that the soft stainless steel cladding seems to scratch pretty easily,but thatís ok for me,since I plan to polish the side of the blade any how. Donít worry about the carbon edge. All you need to do is wipe it after completing a cutting task,and rinse and dry it after cutting something acidic or corrosive. Iíve had the occasional busy shift where Iíve had to cut some tomatoes or fish and get back to it 15 minutes later and no rust formed. Just donít make a habit out of that kind of treatment and youíll be happy. Oh,and one last thing; the patinaíd edge makes this hands-down the sexiest knife in my roll. Bottom line,everyone should own at-least one Hiromoto AS.

    = )
    By:  huugh
    Czech Republic
    "Aogami super" (AS) steel is great. It holds an edge for a long time at very acute angles.

    This knife in the 24cm size is very convenient.

    Rust is not really an issue,only slight pattina occurs,but sharpening or stropping actually polishes practically the whole area of exposed core (of carbon steel). So if you like to keep your knife sharp,you can also have it shiny for most of the time :)

    Fit and finish is only mediocre,but the cutting ability of this knife is worth it.

    It is my favorite knife in the kitchen.

    If the F&F was better,it would deserve 5 stars without a blink of the eye.
    By:  MichaelD
    Leicester UK
    I love this knife. The only thing why you should buy this knife is the steel.

    Aogami Super it’s an outstanding steel. Not only it holds an edge for mighty long time,but also it’s sharpens easily (similar to M2 high speed steel) leaving almost no burr. Relatively high percentage of alloy elements results in decent rust resistance ( patina comes quickly,but there is no rust pitting like in 1095 or Shirogami carbon steels)

    The only complain I have,is the fit and finish. One could see minor flaws especially in handle.

    Overall,it’s a great knife with mediocre fit and finish. Still one of the best bang for the buck currently on the market.
    By:  ōivind Dahle
    I bought one,now I buying one to each family member.

    + Edge

    + Sharpen easily

    + Great handle

    + Takes patina fast and looks like a badass ready to be run through a safe!

    This is a workhorse in the kitchen! For this price there are no better knives. 5 stars without doubt!!
    By:  Rainman
    San Jose
    Big bruiser of a knife compared to my 210mm Kikuichi. Very sharp and more importantly easy to sharpen. Amazing value for the money and the patina on the cutting edge looks like a samurai sword :-)
    By:  Alexei
    Just got this knife from my wife as a bday gift,btw thank you chefsknivestogo.com. Straight out of the box I cut the only hard substance I could find in my kitchen at the moment- almonds and walnuts. This knife cuts perfectly,cuts are straight all the way through,sharpness is great otb,could use a little sharpening but I will test it like it is for now. Great patina finish next to the edge,a bit heavy on the hand however balanced pretty good. Only one thing is the handle finish,the tang is stepping out a bit from the handle plates,but that can be easily shaved if that kind of thing bothers you. Handle is a perfect fit for my hand,not too big nor too small.The knife looks and feels like a workhorse and can take abuse where if re-sharped again would be feeling brand new.It is definitely a leader in my collection right now.
    By:  Dan
    The Hiromoto AS 240 gyuto is awesome! Heft and balance similar to a western design,but improved. The carbon steel takes a great patina with little reactivity - the stainless cladding scratches up a little,but for the performance and price its more than worth it. Decent edge out of the box and sharpens easy breezy. Enough flat from the heel along the edge to slice and push effortlessly,but enough belly to rock as needed. All in all great knife for the $. As always,service and shipping from chefknivestogo is ++
    By:  Dorothy Kendall
    I love my new knife - it balances perfectly,and cuts like surgical steel! Wonderful!
    By:  Ben G.
    excellent! good out of the box sharpness,good weight in hand,good fit and finish,low acid reaction,forms beautiful patina. Would recommend to any freind only if they bought the knife from CKTG
    By:  Gifu
    Palm Beach
    Most good knife I try. Much aggressive cutting edge. Have very good taper does not wedge when cutting,dicing or slicing vegetable. Highly recommend this knife.
    By:  Don H.
    This knife is awesome,and it looks amazing with the patina. I highly recommend it as a first carbon or Japanese knife,or to anyone looking for a great knife.
    By:  Michael Bartley
    Los Angeles,CA
    Great workhorse of a knife. I did get one with Adam’s Custom Handle. Well worth any added price,and vastly improves the F&F. After using it for a month,I can tell you it has great edge retention,that is easliy maintained through stropping. It also sharpens up easily. I would buy another without hesitation.
    By:  Evan
    new york,ny
    Sick Knife
    By:  Nicole
    I bought this knife as a gift for my boyfriend for christmas,he is a cook. He is on love with this knife. I have never seen him so excited about anything o flight him before. It’s precise and cuts through anything like It’s butter.
    By:  ken
    west palm beach
    Excellent knife
    By:  Christa
    Newbury Park,CA
    I got it for my husband and he absolutely loves it. He says the balance is great and it keeps its edge. It’s sharp! It’s beautiful. Love the box it came in. Now he’s thinking about looking for some advice on a whetstone. Thanks for a great product!

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    Hiromoto Gyuto 240mm

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