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Hiromoto Gyuto 270mm - Click to enlarge
Hiromoto Gyuto 270mm
Item #NGO-201
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Hiromoto knives are are made of Hitachi Aogami Super (AS Carbon steel), an ultimate Hagane refined from Yasugi sand-rons. High carbon steel (1.40 Ė 1.50) with Chromium (0.30 Ė 0.50) and Tungsten (2.00 Ė 2.50) added for extra durability and longer edge retention. This core carbon steel is clad with 405 stainless steel to prevent from rusting. Full tang black Staminawood handle securely fastened with three stainless steel rivets and bolster.

  • weight: 9.2oz
  • blade length: 265mm
  • spine thickness: 2.39mm
  • blade height at heel: 51.47mm

  • Average rating is 4.7
    By:  Ben Prescott
    Princeton NJ
    This is a great knife,with great steel,at a fabulous price. If youíre on the fence about length,you should know that this knife feels shorter than it is because of itís great profile and geometry. If youíre looking for a longer Gyuto and donít want to break the bank account,look no further.
    By:  DwarvenChef
    This is my main go to gyuto,great at home and on the line. Love the easy to sharpen edge and the stainless cladding makes line work that much easier.
    By:  Adamm
    Cashtown Pa
    Great knife. holds a good edge. Easy to sharpen. The only down side is i wish it came in a wa handle. Great knife to try out carbon steel.
    By:  Crazy Cutter
    London (UK)
    This knife is ideal if itís your first foray into carbon knives.

    Itís relatively easy to sharpen,maintains a wicked edge and the patina that develops looks very cool.

    Finish is not grade A and the SS cladding can scratch easily but make no bones about it this is an awesome knife....!
    By:  Michael S.
    This is my first large Japanese-made knife and my first with a high carbon steel cutting edge. This knife is more beautiful in person than most photos can capture. Iím very,very pleased with this purchase. Wonderful performance,a joy to hold and use. And since Iím new to sharpening Iím surprised and pleased to say itís easy to sharpen to a wonderful edge. Just get one for yourself or friends!! You wonít be sorry. Tremendous value with exceptional performance.
    By:  hieu
    new orleans,la
    If properly sharpened and cared for,this knife is the perfect work horse in a commercial kitchen. and boy does it hold an edge.

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    Hiromoto Gyuto 270mm

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