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Haruyuki SRS-15 Gyuto 210mm - Click to enlarge
Haruyuki SRS-15 Gyuto 210mm
Item #Haru SRS15 210 Gyuto
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Haruyuki knives (AKA Akafusa) listed here are made with SRS15 Powdered steel and have excellent hardness and edge holding characteristics combined with very nice grinds that are nice and thin behind the edge. The result is great cutting performance with an edge that will last. One of the better new stainless knives we've acquired recently.

  • weight: 6oz
  • blade length: 213mm (8.38in)
  • total length: 335mm (13.18in)
  • spine thickness at base: 2.8mm
  • blade height: 43.83mm

  • Average rating is 4.5
    By:  Khunter
    Santa Rosa,Ca
    Great steel. I have owned the 240 gyuto for about two years,and the edge retention is amazing. All around great knives.
    By:  jon
    its a great buy especially since many makers do not use this rarer Powder Steel SGS15. I owned the Santoku 180mm of this and its a real cutter. -1 star for the factory feel and its a little hard which equals slow to sharpen but great balance and feel

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    Haruyuki SRS-15 Gyuto 210mm

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