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Maruyoshi HD Honesuki Boning 150mm - Click to enlarge
Maruyoshi HD Honesuki Boning 150mm
Item #MF-310
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This HD Honesuki Boning Knife Measures 150mm on the blade and makes boning meat easy. We are now sourcing the HD knives through Maruyoshi. Compare to Hattori boning knives since the are identical (same factory, different name on the blade). These HD knives offer traditional technology combined with modern material for high cutting performance. The HD blades are made of VG10 core cutting edge forged with 63 layered Nickel Damascus stainless steel blade. VG10 is the newly developed High Carbon (0.95 to1.05%) Molybdenum (0.90 to 1.20%) and Vanadium (0.10 to 0.30%) stainless steel plus 1.30 to 1.50% Cobalt added to increase strength. Hattori kitchen knives have a Rockwell hardness of 60 to 61 HRC.

  • Cutting edge length: 150mm
  • Total Length: 270mm
  • Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Blade Height: 40mm
  • Handle Length:115mm
  • Total Weight: 153g
  • Edge 80/20 Righ Sided

  • Average rating is 5
    By:  michael
    just purchased this knife,not only beautiful,but incredibly sharp and well balanced. ordered on a monday and received it three days later on thursday. very quick accurate service.
    By:  Craig
    I bought this knife for the occasional light butchery I needed to do. After I moved stations to entremetier I didn’t think I would use it much,I was very wrong.

    I use this knife as my main service knife,the size is tight and compact and the heel of the knife keeps my knuckles from hitting the board when my cutting gets sloppy. The steel is durable and has not chipped like a lot of my more delicate knives. The edge retention is good and comes back quickly after some wear.
    By:  Biny
    Just got this knife a couple of days ago,and Iím already using it at work. Iíve been using it to debone whole chicken and occasionally break down fish. Holding the knife feels comfortable. It does what itís meant to do with so much class and elegance. Letís not forget how sharp this knife is! Iím happy I ended up buying this knife.

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    Maruyoshi HD Honesuki Boning 150mm

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