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Global MinoSharp Plus 3 Sharpener - Click to enlarge
Global MinoSharp Plus 3 Sharpener
Item #550
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If ease of use is your primary concern, the Global MinoSharp Plus 3 Sharpener is the correct sharpening tool for you. The unit will sharpen most brands of knives. However, they cannot be used for serrated knives or knives sharpened on one side like the Bunmei knives. Has 3 stages: rough grit, medium grit and fine. The large wheels make the MinoSharp Plus the most effective sharpening gadget, manual or electric, on the market.

Average rating is 5
By:  James Jimenez
El Segundo,CA
Very good sharpener,cleaned up our dull Globals with ease.
By:  DJ
What a surprise this sharpener is. I have over $500.00 worth of Tojiro and MAC Pro knifes and I was looking for something to put an edge back on them when the time come,so I invested in a Chefs Choice Model 15XV Trizor Edge electric sharpener which is made for Japanese knifes. I used it once and found that it left a jagged edge on my knifes and also removed way way to much material. I then ordered this handheld sharpener after reading great reviews from others who own it and I’m not disappointed,just follow the directions and your knifes will be razor sharp again.
By:  William K.
Saint Petersburg,FL
Hello Mark,I would rate the Minosharp Plus 3 a 10+ on a scale of one to 10. Just a half dozen passes with both a Tojiro DP series and 808 chefs knife removed all minor nicks and restored the blades to sharper than when I took them out of the box new. This is a great tool for anyone [like myself] that does not have the skill set or time to use the stone sets...
By:  Quintin Bulnes
Hola Mark,

First let me start by saying that your service is "Top Notch"! I received the order in just a few days so shipping is FAST,gracias!

As a newbie I am slowly becoming "enlightened" to the art (and science) of kitchen cutlery - including the proper maintenance,care and appreciation of such important tools. I chose this sharpener based on the information provided by your video and the reviews above. The simplicity in its operation and its design was also a factor.

As soon as I got it out of the box I filled it with water and decided to put it to the test so I took my really cheap and insulting futile attempt at cutlery (yes,I admit,but I didn’t know any better at the time when I bought a set of "Miracle Blade" knives that I saw on TV. I have learned a few things since then) and ran the chef knife trough it. After 25 passes on the coarse stone it gave it a brand new edge. Then 25 more on the medium and finally 20 on the fine and it resharpened that sucker! The knife is,however,a low grade mixture of metal - not sure it’s worth even calling it steel- as it feels more like nickel. I know that I won’t be able to get a razor sharp edge on such an inferior product but I am OK with this. After all,that is what happens when you buy cheap stuff that is made in China "as seen on TV".

Anyway,I now have a Victorinox Fibrox 10" chef knife - GREAT affordable knife - which doesn’t need to be sharpened just yet but I am 100% confident that when the time comes all I will need to do is give it 10 to 15 passes on the fine stone to restore its edge.

I am now saving for my first Japanese knife,the Tojiro DP chef knife,looking forward to that and many more.

Until then,thank you Mark! And as a wise man once said:

"Stay sharp!"

By:  Joe M
Penfield NY
finally a product that WORKS for the newbie and experts. Keeps my Tojiro knives razor sharp and the older ones were brought back to snuff. Great product.

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Global MinoSharp Plus 3 Sharpener

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