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Global 2 Pc Starter Set - Click to enlarge
Global 2 Pc Starter Set
Item #G-2 & GS-38
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This 2 piece starter set is the perfect introduction to the Global line of knives and makes the perfect gift. Made from one piece of Molybdenum-Vanadium steel, these knives are sharp and hold their edge for quite some time. The set includes the 8 Chef knife and the 3.5 Paring knife.

Free Global Forged Peeling/Paring Knife! Purchase $249 or more of Global Cutlery and we will include with your order a FREE Global Forged Peeling/Paring Knife. Made in Japan, Lifetime Warranty. A $33 Value!

Average rating is 5
By:  Sandy
Superb knives with razor sharp edges. I have always been a Wustof and Henkels fan,but these are better!
By:  Josh
I work in kitchens and found the Global chef knife to now be my go to knife for anything that needs to be done. Lightweight,easy to clean,it’s perfect. I replaced my paring knife with this combo and fell in love with it as well.
By:  Warren Griggs
I’m fairly new to cooking,so I don’t have much experience with chef’s knives. This is excellent. I’ve read reviews of Global knives about the handle. I think it’s great. My hands are an average man’s. This knife is well-suited for any home kitchen tasks.
By:  Jackie Greaney
I have been thoroughly enjoying these knives - they cut through chicken,veggies,everything like butter! I also ordered a gift set for my sister,who says "Chopping used to be a drudgery. Now it is a delight! I have no more excuses not to get my 5 servings of vegetables daily!"
By:  Psnyder
Love,love these knives. The blades are extremely sharp,cuts like a dream. Fits my hand perfectly. No one else is allowed to use them.


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Global 2 Pc Starter Set

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