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Fujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 240mm
Fujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 240mm Fujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 240mmFujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 240mmFujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 240mm
Fujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 240mm Fujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 240mmFujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 240mmFujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 240mm

Fujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 240mm

Item #: Nashiji-Gyuto240

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Few knives have so captured the attention of the knife enthusiast community and the affection of the knifeís owners as completely as the Teruyasu Fujiwara Nashiji 240mm gyuto. The knifeís namesake is the nashiji, or pear skin, finish on the durable stainless steel cladding. While the stainless cladding inhibits oxidation it is the reactive carbon steel core that sets this knife apart from any other on the market. The core steel is Shirogami #1 carbon steel hardened to an extraordinary 64-65 HRC. Reviewers consistently report that this high quality but common Japanese cutlery steel takes on decidedly uncommon and soulful characteristics at such a high hardness rating. The knife is also lauded for its impeccable grind, which gives it outstanding performance. The octagonal handle is traditional construction with ho wood and a buffalo horn ferrule. These knives are unique handcrafted pieces of functional art so dimensional variation should be expected. Please note, several people complained about the machi being exposed to the maker (it's not a mistake and it's mostly an aesthetic look called Tokyo style) and to eliminate these complaints they now are pushing the tang tight into the handle. Check the photo. The video is old and was before they made the change. Also please note these knives are hammer forged and are often not as highly finished as people seem to expect. If you want a perfectly ground and and finished knife this one is not for you. A common complaint is the knives have a spine that shows the exposed white number 2 which is reactive so we get customers that are surprised when they see this middle core start to start to patina or rust. Take a look at the 4th picture that shows the spines of these knives. It's not a defect.

  • Weight: 6.6 ounces
  • Blade Length: 245 mm
  • Overall Length: 400 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.2 mm
  • Blade Height: 51.1 mm

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    Product Reviews

    5  Product Review, June 23, 2014
    Posted By: steve - verified customer

    i had to get this knife after reading the reviews in the forum. this is my favorite knife. have not sharpened it yet. its a joy to use. i would have preferred the 210mm as the 240mm is a little to big for me. also, the handle wasnt as nice as the other knives i have and had to send it away to get rehandled. now its perfect. always great service from CKTG.

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    5  Product Review, April 13, 2014
    Posted By: Ernest - verified customer

    This knife is a bit expensive but once you received this knife you will know how good of this knife and is worth for the value is very unique, thank you for the review melampus and Mark.

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    5  Product Review, March 20, 2014
    Posted By: Robert - verified customer

    There is nothing new that I could possibly add to the review of this knife except that it is everything and then some from what the others have posted about it. What sold me on getting this knife was the extensive review by Melampus in the CKTG forum, and the detailed pictures he provided. After reading the extensiveness of his review and seeing the images he posted along with it, it was a no brainer for me. I had to experience it for myself. This was my seventh knife purchase from here, All various blacksmiths and core metals. The Santoko was my first purchase from this particular maker so I had some experience with how this 240 might perform. Far exceeded it due to the perfect size and weight that this particular knife carries. I love the way the handle feels within my grip. This is the one knife in my collection when someone asks to try it out I respond with, Ummmmm....NO!""
    As far as edge retention, even after a month of daily use, a few strokes on the Idahone Ceramic Rod, good as new. I most likely will apply my bevel in a week or two.
    As far as the price point being a little intimidating to the ones that may not know, I would suggest to take the plunge, you will not be disappointed.

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    5  Product Review, January 15, 2014
    Posted By: Melampus - verified customer

    This 240 Teruyasu is awe inspiring... just awesome. In 24 years of professional food service I've never cut with anything like it., and I never imagined something could flow through product so effortlessly, fluidly, organically.

    The W#1 at this high hardness exhibits a whole new set of characteristics... new to me, at least. I'm sincerely awestruck. It's exhibiting edge retention like I would had never imagined out of W#1. It's been a month of hard holiday use, and I still haven't changed the bevels! That's unheard of for me, but it's that good OOTB. All I've been doing is touching up to the shoulders with a 2k & this thing performs. It's going to absolutely floor me when I bring it up to a high grit finish... this I know. It sharpens so well... so effortlessly.. so keenly.

    The website picture does not really show the exposed machi, but I'm a strong proponent for this classical presentation. This one is a very unique transition from machi to blade & the length it allows fits me perfectly.

    The grind is impeccable on this knife. Truly masterful artistry. The san-mai spine has a consistency to its taper I have only seen on my Masamoto KS. Working down the blade face, the slick non-stick Nashiji finish resides over the slightest of hammer indentations in which truly exacerbates the rustic impression this knife makes while still retaining the exquisitely distinguished aesthetic one might expect from a knife at this price point. Continuing down the face, transitioning out of the Nashiji into the Kasumi stainless down to the cladding line, the convexing is visually apparent, and particularly distinct at the tip 1/3.

    The Wa is exactly the way I like them; unpretentious and with a slight taper.

    Kanji is engraved.

    I still can't believe how this things cuts through food. This knife has an old soul...

    ~ Melampus

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