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Fujiwara Nashiji 210mm Gyuto Octagonal Handle - Click to enlarge
Fujiwara Nashiji 210mm Gyuto Octagonal Handle
Item #Nashiji 210 Gyuto
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We're thrilled to offer these excellent knives made by master blacksmith Teruyasu Fujiwara. Mr. Fujiwara's family has been making knives, swords and gardening tools for over a century and this wealth of bladesmithing knowledge is evident in his knives. The first line we are offering are his popular Nashiji line which translates to 'pear skin' and refers to the mottled look of the blades. The Nashiji line is heat treated at 64-65 rockwell and clad with stainless steel so you get great performance and ease of maintenance. We requested ho wood octagonal handles with buffalo horn ferrules so the handles do justice to the blades.

  • weight: 5oz
  • blade length: 212mm
  • total length: 355mm
  • spine thickness at base: 3.46mm
  • blade height at base: 48.55mm

  • Average rating is 5
    By:  Scott
    Melapus provided an excellent technical review of the 240mm version of this knife that you should refer to as I concur with everything he states.

    The only other thing that needs to be said is that I’d recommend budgeting for a saya because once you use this knife you’ll want to sleep with it. You’ll love it that much.

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    Fujiwara Nashiji 210mm Gyuto Octagonal Handle

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