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Fujiwara Nashiji 180mm Santoku
Fujiwara Nashiji 180mm Santoku
Fujiwara Nashiji 180mm Santoku

Fujiwara Nashiji 180mm Santoku

Item #: Nashiji 180 Santoku
Our Price: $215.00
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We're thrilled to offer these excellent knives made by master blacksmith Teruyasu Fujiwara. Mr. Fujiwara's family has been making knives, swords and gardening tools for over a century and this wealth of bladesmithing knowledge is evident in his knives. The first line we are offering are his popular Nashiji line which translates to 'pear skin' and refers to the mottled look of the blades. The Nashiji line is heat treated at 64-65 rockwell and clad with stainless steel so you get great performance and ease of maintenance. We requested ho wood octagonal handles with buffalo horn ferrules so the handles do justice to the blades.

  • weight: 4.6oz
  • blade length: 185mm
  • total length: 325mm
  • spine thickness at base: 3.07mm
  • blade height at base: 51.79mm

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  Richard
    Very nice knife. I like the height and the blade has a nice grind so the edge is thin and cuts with a light touch. The spine gives the feeling of strength and direction. Care must be taken against corrosion along the spine as well as the cutting edge. Very nice feeling while sharpening.
    By:  Robert
    Awesome Blade,The length and height are perfect for medium sized prep items.The OOTB edge is right up there with the Masakages,which I have two of. It is every bit worth the 215. After Chef gave it a test drive,he purchased one. We are huge fans of CKTG and the higher priced Blacksmiths and the knives they produce. I’m sure I’ll get another blade from this knife maker when the jones kicks back in for something new.
    By:  Wade Norton
    Hanover Ontario Canada
    I really like this knife and the heat treatment on this knife is excellent,it was fairly sharp out of the box and holds it’s edge really well.

    I also own a Sakai Takayuki Damascus Hammered Santoku 180mm and got it 1 week before I my Fujiwara Santoku and I would have o say the Sakai Santoku had a much better looking gring and was a bit sharper out of the box but dulls faster for sure.

    Both of these knives are good knives,the Fujiwara is made to perform and not look super pretty and there was a slight dent near the tang close to handle where the maker grabbed it with his tong’s and a pit in my blade close to the edge and should not be a problem.

    Over all I think the Fujiwara is a really good knife that has a great heat treatment and holds it’s edge really really well and is a nice light knife in your hands that is well balanced,I can tell when sharpening this knife takes longer to sharpen and wear the metal back with my KME Sharpening system witch is proof of a good heat treatment,you won’t be sorry buying a Fujiwara knife if you are looking for a knife that will not need to be sharpened all the time and holds it’s edge really well.
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