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Fujiwara FKH Carbon Gyuto 270mm
Fujiwara FKH Carbon Gyuto 270mm
Fujiwara FKH Carbon Gyuto 270mm

Fujiwara FKH Carbon Gyuto 270mm

Item #: FKH-11
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The FKH line from Fujiwara Kanefuse is a High Carbon series. These knives are more reactive so they require extra care to keep from oxidizing, but will form a great patina. These knives also take a steep edge and will hold it for an extended period. This series is equipped with black Pakka wood handles and the steel has a HRC rating of 60. They are an extraordinary value at this price point. The 270mm gyuto is great when you have large jobs like cutting several bunches of celery or a whole bag of carrots at once. They are a great prep workhorse and preferred by many professional cooks.

  • Weight: 9.2 ounces
  • Blade Length: 270 mm (10.75")
  • Overall Length: 405 mm (16")
  • Thickness at Heel: 2.3 mm
  • Blade Height: 54.4 mm
  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.2
    By:  Blake
    Got the as a Christmas gift for myself. Really great knife. Puts on a really sharp edge and has great weight. The length feels natural and an extension of your arm. Finish isn’t great but if you work with a towel and make sure it is wiped after every use it’s not an issue. I had some oxidation that was easily buffed out at my local knife shop for free. Feels like a 300 dollar knife for a fraction of the money. Can’t go wrong
    By:  Sean
    Awesome value. Can’t beat the geometry and ease of sharpening. Feels like a 7" santoku in my hand,but handles 3 heads of romaine at once.Need to br diligent yo keep it clean and dry,but not too fussy. I highly recommend this knife for anyone interested in carbon or asymmetrical edges or trying a very large gyuto. I use it in a professional kitchen,and it holds up well.
    By:  Troy
    Nice first Japanese knife and I have had fun "personalizing" it. A patina (like Mark demonstrates),smoothed the edges of the spine and heel as the metal is not rounded,finally put a mirror edge on the sucker and began to shave . . . not really except for some arm hair.

    This is a no-frills knife that is flat enough that slicing potatoes was difficult as they stuck to the blade. Everything else has been awesome. I am able to chop onions like a pro and my "knife time" in the kitchen has dropped considerably. No complaints for a knife in this price range but now that I have a little experience I would probably save up for a little bit better one.

    Still,all the rest of my knives stay in the block as I always reach for my Fujiwara!
    By:  Gabriel
    Great knife for the price.

    Gets super sharp after hitting the stones and will hold an edge for a good while. However the fit and finish left a little to be desired for example the handle was sanded unevenly at the butt of the knife. The rivets are not completely flush as well and the spine needs to be rounded. It is great for everyday prep and makes easy work of vegetables and meat but struggles with potatoes and releasing starchy food. Would advise saving up and spending a little extra on another knife.

    By:  Rudy
    Love this knife it is suitable for most tasks and stays screaming sharp,and doesn’t chip easily.
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