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Fujiwara Carbon Gyuto 240mm - Click to enlarge
Fujiwara Carbon Gyuto 240mm
Item #FKH-10
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The FKH line from Fujiwara Kanefuse is a High Carbon series. These knives are more reactive so they require extra care to keep from oxidizing, but will form a great patina. These knives also take a steep edge and will hold it for an extended period. This series is equipped with black Pakka wood handles and the steel has a HRC rating of 60. They are an extraordinary value at this price point. The 240mm Gyuto is the most popular sized knife amongst our professional cooks. It provides the perfect length when cutting large amounts of produce or meats.

  • Weight 7.6oz
  • Length on edge 240mm
  • Overall Length 370mm
  • Spine Thickness at heel 3.8mm

  • Average rating is 4.2
    By:  BfromSac
    For the money I really don’t think there is a better knife. Tojiro DP are world renowned in this price range but are not Carbon. This thing gets super sharp,handle is great and knife is just comfortable. Sure it is not perfect finish but for someone who wants to try a Japanese Knife with little experience ... look no further
    By:  Matt S.
    Salt Lake City,Utah
    Fit and finish are not great with this knife,but the blade and price are great. This is a great intro into carbon knives. It developed a patina at a reasonable pace and as far as carbon goes was not "overly" reactive. The blade holds an edge well. It is a little handle heavy,but overall a good knife.
    By:  JeffS
    I was looking for a carbon Gyuto to play around with and this fit the bill nicely.

    Sharpens up nicely and I haven’t found mine to be particularly reactive. Fit and finish on mine were better than expected for the price. The spine defiantly needed to be rounded; mine was rather uncomfortable in a pinch grip until I rounded it.

    For the price I am more than happy and think its a great intro knife to both gyutos and carbon knives.
    By:  Calvin Or
    white sulphur spring,west virginia
    the fujiwara is a real thin blade and is easy to sharpen with the diamond steel i bought in chef knives. I use it every day in the kitchen where i work . Im glad I bought this.
    By:  Mark L
    out of box sharpness is ok. FF is ok. I think you get what you pay for. Itís very reactive. Iím planning to run it through some stones and see how much it can improve.
    By:  Jmbullman
    Huntersville NC
    I great carbon steel knife,takes a laser sharp edge and forms a beautiful patina if done properly. As always excellent service from cktg.
    By:  Arek
    New Milford,CT
    It’s very good knife. I rate 4 stars becose on my knife engraving is done by machine (laser) not like we can see on video - made by hand deep in the blade.
    By:  Travis
    northern california
    great knife for the price,this knife has literally kicked out a few of my other knives from my bag. had it for a few weeks now,still has a decent edge on it. left it out one day and co-worker decided to use it but didn’t dry it completely then put it on magnet strip. not a good end result as you could imagine. overall great knife,great service,looking forward to some future purchases.
    By:  John Herlig
    The Fujiwara Gyuto is an awesome introduction into the world of high-carbon knives. I have purchased 2 -- 1 for myself and then 1 as a gift. Both were deliciously sharp out of the box and take a nice natural patina. The edge hold up rather well,and sharpening is a breeze,like the knife is hungry to take on an edge. Overall balance is very nice. For the money,I’m not sure you can do better.
    By:  kevin
    A good deal for the money. There wasn’t any odor or off taste left on food after the first week of use. A nice patina has developed repeatedly after sharpening and occasional hard scrubs. Speaking of sharpening,it takes a pretty nice edge. After a couple weeks out of the box I thinned it a bit,though the initial grind is more than functional. I cook for a living and purchased this with the goal of a "workhorse." Even under this kind of use it held it longer than my Kono HH. That being said,results may vary in regard to steel properties and fit and finish. So guess it could be seen as a bit of a gamble but for 90 bucks,you can’t really go wrong. In my case,I feel I have gotten more than my 90 dollars. I recommend this knife. Also,great service from CKTG.

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    Fujiwara Carbon Gyuto 240mm

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