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Richmond GT Artifex Wa-Gyuto 240mm
Richmond GT Artifex Wa-Gyuto 240mm
Richmond GT Artifex Wa-Gyuto 240mm

Richmond GT Artifex Wa-Gyuto 240mm

Item #: RichmondGT240

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The Richmond GT Artifex Wa-Gyuto is a nice introduction to mono steel construction and Japanese knives in general. The GT Artifex is made in Japan by Fujiwara especially for Richmond Artifex. It uses the same steel as the Fujiwara FKM line of knives called AUS-8. This is a stainless mono-steel blade which gives this knife a beautiful aesthetic simplicity and ensures your new knife will not discolor or rust. It is hardened to 58-59 HRC. So itís a bit on the soft side but that makes it a great place to start your journey into Japanese knives.

The GT Wa-Gyuto is very light for a knife of this size. This is due to itís thin overall grind which stays very thin quite high up the blade. It has a very generous height of almost 50mm. So, lots of finger clearance for larger hands.

Speaking of large hands, the knife has a generous size handle made from yew with a buffalo horn ferule. It is a classic octagonal shaped Wa style handle. It features nicely curved choil with good fit and finish. There is an almost continuous curve to the blade with virtually no flat spot.

The Richmond GT Artifex is a really well built wa gyuto that is aggressively priced. We think this knife is unbeatable in its class.

  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Blade Length: 240 mm (9.5")
  • Overall Length: 405 mm (16")
  • Thickness at Heel: 2.2 mm
  • Blade Height: 49 mm

  • Customer Reviews

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    4  Product Review, April 29, 2014
    Posted By: Jason - verified customer

    Received my Richmond Gyuto yesterday. My first Japanese style blade and and quite impressed. F&f is tight, blade passed the paper test straight out of the box and the feel is light, nimble and comfortable. I made quick work of onions, shallots, pears and potatoes for tonight's pork loin dinner. Can't wait to bring it to the restaurant tomorrow and put it to further testing. Cheers to CKTG!

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    4  Product Review, January 9, 2014
    Posted By: hen - verified customer

    I'm currently using this knife for more then 3 month in professional kitchen. The knife is light, the F&F is great and it can take a really nice edge. for me the only problem was the edge retention, but i guess that's the price you need pay. overall its great value and i really love it.

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    5  Product Review, January 6, 2014
    Posted By: Mike Crabtree - verified customer

    The knife is very sharp and feels good in my hands. It slices nicely

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    5  Product Review, December 26, 2013
    Posted By: Chris - verified customer

    So I snatched this up when it came back in stock and have had it for awhile now but just started using it a lot recently and this is a really impressive knife. At this price point you're not going to find a nicer more serviceable knife, especially with a handle like this.
    I thought it was a tad dull OOTB when I first got it, but now having put it through it's paces for a couple days of heavy prep nothing could be further from the truth.
    It's toothy and quite sharp, I'm going to take it to stones later this week to see what it's really got.
    Solid fit and finish and it's just sexy looking.
    It looks exceptionally long for a 240, but it's nimble and light and handles very nicely. I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for a Gyuto in this price range and truthfully I'd imagine this would hold it's own against knives priced much higher. This is pretty much an ace entry in Japanese knives yet still an awesome addition to any mid-priced type of collection. Props to Mark on this one.

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    5  Product Review, September 29, 2013
    Posted By: Chris - verified customer

    Damn it so disappointing, I had this in my cart since early this morning, went to order it, error message popped up, it removed itself from my cart and it was sold out. Man I wish I just ordered it earlier.

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    5  Product Review, September 6, 2013
    Posted By: Dayn P. - verified customer

    I just received my Artifex Gyuto last night along with a Tojiro ITK Nakiri. OOTB, the Richmond is laser sharp. Much more so than the Tojiro. It passes the paper towel test with scarily flying colors. Fit and finish are great, and the balance is very nice. Compared to my 210mm Tojiro DP chef's knife, this thing feels weightless. Will definitely buy more Richmond products!

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    5  Product Review, August 9, 2013
    Posted By: Romz - verified customer

    very nice gyuto... would rival the expensive ones.. been using it for more than a month. and the edge still remains..

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    4  Product Review, July 16, 2013
    Posted By: Janny Kim - verified customer

    Overall, great knife for the price. As for f&f, just average. I was quite disappointed with it not having a round choil and spine. The edge ootb wasnt scary sharp but sharp enough. Super easy to sharpen and beautiful profile. I was surprised by how round the heel and belly was but a quick sharp session will easily resolve that. I think that a richmond kanji would be more appropriate with it being a wa gyuto. Overall, beautiful work mark!

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    4  Product Review, July 8, 2013
    Posted By: Craig L - verified customer

    I am really enjoying this knife. It's my first Wa handled knife and I love the light nimble feel of this knife. It came very sharp OTB and is super fun to use. Make it with AEB-L please!

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    5  Product Review, July 6, 2013
    Posted By: Mark - verified customer

    Great knife at this price point...first test was the newspaper test right out of the box and it passed with flying colors...the fit and finish goes right along with the great collaboration with Fujiwara...Good knife at this price point that's all I have to say...THANKS!

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    5  Product Review, June 24, 2013
    Posted By: michael mills - verified customer

    This is a great knife for the price, with an easy to maintain stainless steel blade that cuts well. After cutting restaurant quantities of onions and tomatoes there is no blade discoloration. The geometry of the knife blade is very good, without a lot of belly. There is a somewhat flat spot at the heel that I really appreciate, but the knife could be used for that rocking cutting motion, for those of you who depend on that. This knife is MUCH better than any Henckels I have owned. My Konosuke HD Wa, Moritaka Supreme and Takeda gyutos hold an edge longer, but the price is much much greater. The $330 I paid for my Takeda 240 gyuto could go a long way toward building a knife set with the Richmond Artifex series. However, I am kind of a knife nut. I like those other knives. My calamity is my salvation. Have a nice day.

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    4  Product Review, June 19, 2013
    Posted By: teo - verified customer

    First off, when i received this knife, there was an immediate wow factor concerning how the knife looked and felt. However, it looks like a 5-star knife but behaves like a 4-star. Do not get me wrong, this knife is fantastic especially in relation to its inexpensive cost. The steel is ok; sharpens easily and cuts reasonably well. It is extremely light and comfortable either in a pinch or neck grip. The only thing left is how long it holds its edge and that would take some time to figure out. Highly recommended to someone willing to try out a wa handle Japanese knife at a fraction of the cost.

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    5  Product Review, June 7, 2013
    Posted By: Steve G. - verified customer

    Kudos to Mark on creating this knife! It represents a great value for the money. The profile is a Funayuki/Gyuto style quite similar to the Konosuke HD2 240 Funi/Gyuto, only shorter. (I own the Kono BTW). The handle is very, very nice. The yew wood is harder and more nicely finished that your typical Ho wood found in many Japanese (Wa) handles.
    This knife has a longer neck into the handle from the back of the blade. Longer than the Konosuke. I really like the extra neck length when using a pinch knife grip.
    The blade height is shorter than many 240 Gyutos at just over 45mm, but it didn't seem that short during actual use. I'm actually going to put this knife to use doing double duty as a Sujihiki slicer. The factor edge on the blade is very sharp OOTB. It appears to be a 70/30 or 80/20 edge bevel, with the 70/80 on the right side of the blade. I'm a lefty and I had no steering issues at all. I know the steel (AUS-8) is not supposed to be quite as good as the AEB-L used in the most of the Artifex line, but from my research so far, AUS-8 is said to sharpen easily and take a very good edge, but the edge retention is not as good as something like AEB-L, depending on the heat treatment used on this steel. I'll report back on edge retention after using the knife for a while. Overall - this knife looks great, feels good to use, is sharp OOTB, and performs quite well in my limited use. At this price point - it's a killer value!

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    5  Product Review, June 7, 2013
    Posted By: Roger - verified customer

    This knife is an amazing bargain! At $79.95 (or even $99.95) you're not going to get the fit and finish of a Konosuke but with a few tweaks you can come pretty close. OFTB it was satisfactorily sharp but not scary sharp. The first tweak I made was, using automotive sandpaper, to round and polish the spine and the choil area. Then I re-sharpened it to a scary sharp edge (the edge appears to be 70/30 asymmetrical). The result is a very thin blade, a very light knife, nice wa-handle and a great shape. I haven't had it long enough to find out how this stainless steel holds its edge, but so far I'm very impressed. It's like buying a $300-$400 knife for $79.95.

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