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F Dick Packing House Steel - Click to enlarge
F Dick Packing House Steel
Item #7469125R
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This steel is popular with butchers. It measures 10" and is polished/smooth.
Average rating is 5
By:  G Michalski
Glendale Heights,IL
Great steel. It has no grooves but is smooth polished which is rare. I use it every day. It does a wonderful job keeping the knives sharp.
By:  Otilio Guerra
Love this steel. This is was Cargill Foods (Excel Meat,Cargill Meat Solutions,etc) give to their employees at the High River meat packing plant.

FYI -- We always sand the steal with 100grit and we move with the scale with the grits depending on our tastes. Some move up to 600+ grits,while some stay at 200 grits. The best knive sharpener that I’ve ever met only used 200 grits. MASTERY; SKILLS?

Combine this steel,Razor Edge sharpening kit,and some practise with a steel. You’ll have extremely sharp knive,HAIR POPPING!
By:  Otilio Guerra
Very good steel. This what Cargill Foods Meat Solution in High River,Alberta,Canada issues to their employees.

Sand it with 120 before first time use. Sand until smooth. Some people use 120 grit,and some use 600grits,and other even use 1200grits. All depends on preference.
By:  R. Arnold
Snohomish County,Washington
I am very pleased with this F Dick polished steel. It works great on all my knives,including my K-Sabatier carbons. One or two very gentle strokes per side is what is recommended for soft carbons.
By:  Will C.
This steel is amazing,not only does is keep all my kitchen knives hair popping sharp,I also steel my pocket knives on it.

Even the ultra hard steel S30V is improved on this steel. It makes the edge RIDICULOUS.

However you better know how to sharpen a knife first. It wonít do much to a already dull blade. it doesnít cut the edge it just shapes and removes imperfections,by kinda melting the edge to ultra smooth ness. I saw some online pics of a smooth steeled edge under a microscope,itís very smooth.

By:  Federico
Excellent honing steel. Smooth,hard finish that works great at aligning the edge without dulling it. Far better than those serrated honing steels and the price is right.

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F Dick Packing House Steel

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