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F Dick Dickoron 12" Polished Steel Oval - Click to enlarge
F Dick Dickoron 12" Polished Steel Oval
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The Dickoron series of sharpening steel offers the very best sharpening steel that F Dick offers and has been designed for a particular application. Long-lasting and wear resistant, this steel measures 12" on the oval blade.
Average rating is 5
By:  Socrates7
A must have for the aficionado and the professional alike. The only one in the line with NO GROOVES and therefore actually able to do its job without undoing your sharpening job or otherwise trashing your knife and edge. Use just before using your knife -- every time -- and extend the life of your edge by 3x easy. Great kit,too -- very sexy piece of steel. Also great for pounding things and people that offend. Not quite long enough for batting practice,but worth a try.
By:  M. Haley
Regarding the purpose in design of this tool (in sharpening knives)... this is an excellent product. Without a doubt,it is at the top of the list of such quality products on the market,anywhere.
By:  Craig
Excellent steel! It does nothing for a dull blade,but will bring a sharp one to perfection. So smooth,you can easily feel any imperfections as you steel the blade.
By:  Ray
The best steel I ever had
By:  Justin
St. Cloud,MN
I just got one of these because I wanted something for travel and killing zombies that was less fragile than my HA glass and ceramic rods. This fits the bill perfectly. I was really impressed by the quality of materials,F&F,and feel of this big,shiny chunk-o-steel. It’s medieval weapon type cool.
By:  Joe
Outstanding steel. It realigns softer knife edges without trashing my sharpening job. After a session of chopping veggies,I can feel the slight roll of the blade edge on my knives that are around HRC60. It almost feels like a very minor burr. Maybe I have the bevel at too acute an angle (26 degrees inclusive),but after a few strokes with this thing,the edge is straight and slices anything without resistance.
By:  C. J. Doyle
F. Dick has been an industry leader since 1964 when I purchased my first steel. This steel perfectly maintains a razor sharp edge without contributing to a " toothy" deformation and surpasses the polished packinghouse steels all meat industry workers highly prize.
By:  avilaj
hobart ind.
its the best sharpening steel for keep my knife sharp in my job. the best!
By:  Gifu
I use after honing. Smooth steel refine edge make for great cutting action.

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F Dick Dickoron 12" Polished Steel Oval

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