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F Dick 1905 Chef Knife 8" - Click to enlarge
F Dick 1905 Chef Knife 8"
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F Dick 1905 Chef's Knife measures 8 inches on the blade.

The F Dick 1905 Series offers a combination of tradition and modern spirit in this new version of the historical design. The blade is made of special German stainless steel called XcrMoVMn. They use a high tech hardening process that generates a finely dispersed martensitic structure with a unique, dynamic and sharp cutting edge.

Average rating is 5
By:  HobbyistCollector
Palm Springs,CA
I wrote a review on the 1905 santoku and gave it great praise in every way. The 8" chef deserves the same praise with explanation. This knife has A LOT of rocker to it,curve to the blade. If you like that shape and action to your knives and dicing technique,this is a fantastic knife,great steel,wonderful handle,good heft,sharpens to a razor,fun to use. Personally,I collect kitchen knives for fun and choose different shapes for the different advantage of each design. Each is a sort of history lesson from hard working chefs from cultures around the world. French and Japanese knives stop at the cutting board; German just keep rocking. What do you like? I enjoy both. If you are looking for a little different design and some excellent German steel,here it is. I prefer a 10" chef but grab this one all the time anyhow. F. Dick is under appreciated by the general public. Try a 1905 and you’ll see what I mean. An 8" Chef knife of this quality at this price is a deal. I have large hands and a female friend has very small ones: we both own and loyally use 1905s and they somehow work very well for both sizes.
By:  J Dog
Initially when I got this knife I thought the curve was MUCH too pronounced,as a previous review mentioned. I compared it to my 8" Shun and Messermeister and laughed at how curved the tip was in comparison – it was beyond exaggerated. "I don’t think I’ll keep this knife," is what I thought to myself. However,from an engineering perspective I soon realized why this knife is made the way it is. When I started chopping onions and shallots and using the western technique of rocking while cutting (as opposed to push cutting with santoku’s or gyuto’s) the extra curvature allowed me to cut taller/thicker foods while keeping the tip of the knife on the board. I was using an 8" for tasks that you’d normally need a 9 or 10" knife for all because of clearance/curvature/angle issues. It looks kind of funny,but it works really well for an 8". Think I’ll keep it after all. It doesn’t slice or do the Japanese cutting thing too well,but that’s what I got the gyuto’s for anyways.
By:  Todd
Very well balanced and extremely easy to use. I like the strong curve of the knife. I facilitates chopping and mincing vegetables. I would recommend this knife to my best friend.
By:  abraham
san diego
great knife! incredible feel with an awesome balence it is indeed a work horse ready to play. Its solid,this knife if taken proper care of would last you a lifetime!

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F Dick 1905 Chef Knife 8"

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