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Dojo Hayashi Nakiri 165mm - Click to enlarge
Dojo Hayashi Nakiri 165mm
Item #HA-165US
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These are very popular knives. Low cost and the high quality steel make these knives a great value. Dojo knives are made by the Hayashi knife company. The blade is tempered to Rc62. The knife is clad with Aogami Super steel core surrounded by a stainless steel to provide protection and durability. This knife says Usuba 165mm on the box but it is clearly a Nakiri.

  • Average rating is 4.6
    By:  Jay
    oxford conn.
    Good fit and finish for the price.great steel for the price.
    By:  Aaron
    Akron OH
    Was looking for a nakiri to use while I prep at work and didn’t want something that was full stainless or that was unclad. The Dojo fit what I was looking for. Blue steel so will take and hold a very good edge. Nice and thin as a nakiri should be. Light as well. Out of the box edge wasn’t bad,could push cut paper. Over all very happy with it. And as usual great service from Mark.
    By:  Wasyl
    I doubt you can find a better blade for the money. Same carbon steel as my Moritaka Supreme Gyoto. Sharpened it on 1000 then 5000 grit Super Naniwa stones,finished on strop with compound,then plain leather. Scary sharp! Excellent fit and finish. Blade had a slight curve in it,I exerted gentle pressure,gone!
    By:  Jeff
    We eat a lot of veggies so I’ve wanted a nakiri for some time now. My go to knife has been a entry level carbon santoku - it takes a great edge but doesn’t hold it so well.

    So I really wanted to get a good nakiri with really good steel. After emailing back and forth with Mark,I went with the Dojo.

    I’ve now had it a full week and been using it as much as possible. It came very sharp out of the box and it has held that edge quite well. Slicing and chopping ... I’m very pleased. Even hard winter squash like butternut is no problem at all. This is a good value in super blue steel.

    It’s also pretty thin. The back is only 1/16" and tapers gently all the way to the edge,where there is a very tiny microbevel. Think thin - that’s this nakiri.

    I really wanted a blade that would not only take a great edge but also hold it really well. And this knife delivers. I used it constantly for a week and it finally needed only a quick touch-up with my 8000 grit stone.

    All things being equal I would prefer the traditional Japanese handle. This one is comfortable but I do like that look. But for super blue steel at this price? I couldn’t pass it up and it is now my "go to for everything that used to grow".
    By:  John Herlig
    This was my first Nakiri,and I bought it based on other reviews as a good starter Nakiri for my set.

    The knife is beautiful,although I was surprised that it wasn’t sharper OOTB. Just a couple of minutes on a 1200 and 5000 stone had it right,though,and it will now ease its way through just about anything with hardly a thought.

    I am eagerly waiting to see how the edge holds up over continual use,but all initial indications are very good. Great little knife,and what a bang for the buck!!
    By:  Rodney
    Federal Wa,WA
    Love it! Love the steel,sharpens easy and great retention. I’m just learning how to sharpen correctly and I got it scary sharp. Did I mention I love this knife? For the money it’s a tremendous purchase.
    By:  Harry
    New Bern,NC
    OOB this little Nakiri needed sharpening. With a little effort,it came up to an amazingly sharp edge. It will be easy to maintain an edge with this steel. This is a terrific bargain considering the steel used and the price point for this knife. You would pay a whole lot more for this quality steel in another brand.

    We eat a lot of veggies and this Nakiri makes short work of the prep plus that intangible feeling you get when using a very sharp,quality knife for the prep. It makes the task very enjoyable.

    The only down side for me was the handle. I prefer a Wa handle but that is personal preference.

    You will not regret adding this knife to your collection and will find yourself reaching for it more often than you might think.
    By:  Hunter
    San Francisco
    purchased 3 of these to give to my groomsmen as gifts. these definitely give off a beautiful "wow factor" upon opening. was happy to have thought of a better gift than they typical flask or pocket knife that would be tossed in a drawer and forgotten for years. everybody’s already reporting back after 2 weeks how much they’re being used and enjoyed.

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    Dojo Hayashi Nakiri 165mm

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