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DMT DuoSharp Sharpening System - Click to enlarge
DMT DuoSharp Sharpening System
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The DuoSharp Sharpening System consists of an 8" x 2 5/8" double sided, two-grit, diamond bench stone and a Duo Base, a black molded base. This unique product offers two grits in one large surface diamond bench stone. Use with knives, chisels, plane irons, skews, gouges, plane soles, carbide router bits, shaper cutters, speedskates, waterstones, molds and dies. Comes with a free DMT serrated sharpener. This model includes the fine grit 25 micron plate on one side and the extra fine 9 micron plate on the other side. This plate is made with real diamond abrasives and will put a keen edge on your knives or tools quickly. A quick spritz of water can be used and the non porous surface resists loading and wipes clean quickly and easily. This would be ideal for use in a commercial kitchen where cooks could put a quick edge on their knives with no mess or soaking like you need with traditional Japanese water stones. Also you can remove the plate for easy packing into a knife bag and just use a dish towel on a counter to keep the plate in place.

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By:  Mike
This is the stone I use on my chef knife. It leaves a nice toothy edge for slicing through waxy vegetables like peppers and tomatoes. The added diamond file is a smidgen narrow for what I need it for,so it looks like I will be back to the dowels and sandpaper. I think the file is meant for those little serrations you see on things like folding knives. The bigger serrations on my bread knives are just too broad across. I figured out how to use it for tourne knives,so that was a bonus. Since the price of the kit is cheaper than elsewhere and the file was thrown in for free,I won’t dock it a star for not working on bread knives.

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DMT DuoSharp Sharpening System

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