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DMT Diaflat 95 Micron Lapping Plate 10"x4" - Click to enlarge
DMT Diaflat 95 Micron Lapping Plate 10"x4"
Item #Diaflat 95
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This is a finer 95 micron diaflat plate for flattening higher grit finishing stones. This plate is hand certified to be flat to .0005". Contains more than 30 carats of diamonds and is the highest quality diamond plate we offer. Hardcoat technology lasts longer than any other diamond lapping plate on the market.
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By:  Bob Billson
At the beginning of November,I ordered the DMT Dia-Flat 95 Lapping Plate. It arrived very quickly,in good condition.

It was a month before I was able to try it on my new Norton waterstones (1000,4000 and 8000). I was sharpening some very old Stanley bench plane irons. The Dia-Flat did a nice job of keeping the stones flat.

However,after a two-hour session,I noticed the center area Dia-Flat seemed to be wearing excessively. Never having used DMT’s products before,I didn’t know if this was normal or a defect.

On Christmas Eve,I emailed Mark with my concern and some close-up photos. I didn’t expect a reply till after Christmas. Nonetheless,I heard back the same day! He didn’t think I had a problem but suggested contacting DMT’s Customer Care to see what they thought and possible warranty replacement.

I didn’t hear back from DMT until after the holidays. Understandable. That was two days ago. Today UPS delivered a replacement Dia-Flat and return authorization for the old one.

As a first-time customer of both companies,all I can say is--wow! Thanks to both Mark at Chef Knives To Go and DMT for being so responive! Two thumbs up to both! I’d give more thumbs up but there’s a hand limitation. :-)

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DMT Diaflat 95 Micron Lapping Plate 10"x4"

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